Chimera Thread to end all Chimera Threads


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Nov 25, 2001
Champaign, IL, USA
Maybe they're just getting it ready for apple for mwny...

LoL, j/k...

good to see that chimera is progressing rapidly.


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Nov 28, 2001
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wohoo we finally got some official linkage to eternal tedium. everybody thanks to mike we had been chatting and i mentioned it to him. finally got the ear of oen of the developers.


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Oct 28, 2001
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Dave Hyatt: (from mozillazine weblog)

There are some very exciting improvements coming in Chimera 0.3. First is that Mike Pinkerton dumped the whole ATSUI patch that degraded performance by 50% when compared to Quickdraw and replaced it with the new 10.1.5 feature that allows you to use smooth text in Carbon apps. With this change we get anti-aliased text with only a 5% performance degradation, and that means those of you using smooth text are about to see a 45% speed boost when you move from Chimera 0.2.8 to Chimera 0.3. Woof!
this has to do with the patch i mentioned earlier in another thread. here we goooooooo!!!!! chimera is bringin the pain.


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Nov 28, 2001
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sweet. thanks for the low down sparkleytone. i think the day i drop mozilla and move to chimera is still a ways off, but with every update it seems its not so far away as im assuming. the pace of open source development is really quite amazing.


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Jan 1, 2002
I have now switched from Chimera to Mozilla+Silk. Stability, speed, and aa fonts...


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Apr 19, 2002
Mozilla + silk != Chimera

I think Chimera has quite a few surprises left to be revealed. Mozilla is currently my browser of choice but I'm looking forward to running Chimera on a Jaguar OS and seeing what Apple has done to improve Cocoa apps. Carbon was always meant to be a seque layer for developers not an end of the road to be sure.

Remember that Mozilla still has to support all those other platforms (Linux/Windoze/etc) while Chimera is only on OS X and can only be on OS X.

Chimera looks to be the IE on Windows for OS X... as in it takes full advantage of the OS (think things like 'services' and interoperability with the whole iChat, Mail, Addressbook, Rendezvous nexus.