China military site draws hackers [2.3m in 4 weeks!]


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
The Chinese military defence website was subjected to 2.3 million hacking attempts in its first month online according to officials.

"When there were major events taking place related to the military and national defense, the number of (cyber) attacks rose," said editor Ji Guilin.

The website, launched in August 2009, has so far attracted 1.25bn visitors from around the world.

Ji Guilin was talking to Chinese state-run newspaper the People's Daily.

There are English and Chinese versions of the website.

Most of the overseas visitors to both versions came from the US, but the website also attracted visitors in the UK, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

The most popular search topics were "military photos", "top military leaders", "high-level events" and "military power", said Mr Ji, who runs the website.
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