China ratifies Paris climate deal

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    Oh, wait, your article is different.

    So let's discuss the issue, to a little but not completely fuller extent:

    Yes, the US ranks rather high... though it's interesting there is no American city that has to have people using air masks constantly.

    You might have the answer to this: How come the US has made more treaties and regulations for its own actions our corporate citizens must abide which then prompt corporations to bitch about all the regulations as being why they offshored to China in the first place, which by the way pollutes far more than the USA since there was never a time when any American city was so polluted that the citizens had to wear air masks...

    China, as said, even exercises control over its current emissions. When greenies gripe about the US, they should surely expect the same behavior from our neighbors in our global community?

    As you can see in this list, America is still number 1! (Which is sarcasm, since for any number of quality of life or happiness lists, or health (think #37), the US is nowhere near the top... all of the factoids I've referred to can be found online in a matter of seconds. I provided links as mere courtesy/parroting, nothing more.)

    Oh, where's India in all this?
    (oh, CO2 is easy - plant more trees would be the more natural approach. Take down some stadiums and put up trees. The major league entitled crybabies that also want taxpayers to pay for their stadiums while they maintain tax exempt status and get so much special treatment is beyond belief... they always threaten to leave like what toddlers do, so let them. Americans have been bitching behind their backs ever since the 1994 baseball strike anyway and still do to this day about the special treatment they get, which also goes well above and beyond their own cries of "we want free market, where government involvement is bad" despite getting every involvement from government with the special deals instead of having to live under the other edict of "corporations are people too"/"corporate personhood" that puts them on equal footing as people but individual people can't begin to get at the goodies they get from us... )

    And hasn't it bothered you that "developing countries" everywhere didn't start from the ground up by the latest technology to have reduced or prevented emissions in the first place? Adoption in the developed countries would be slower because of costs as engineered to be. You know, upgrades. Have you ever been in a business class? Now, in fresh new countries, "developing", there were obvious chances to set up proper infrastructure that could be future-proofed and made better for the future from the start. It is obvious those were not taken. As indicated in at least one link, China did not bother to enforce its own existing regulations either (so what will new ones bring, unicorns and candy growing off of trees in the street corners??) Do you have any insight for that? Or is it more fun just to blame America for everything else, just as much as it set up regulations to pout and drive corporations offshore because they wanted to pollute here? There's a nice double standard and wanting it both ways.

    Oh, sorry for the use of "pout", it ties into your OP about being grown-ups.
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    Interesting read, thanks! Hopefully after all the previous treaties, especially Kyoto, maybe all countries will grow up. Or they won't. Anyone can opine solutions, many are obvious and beneficial, but society won't agree on anything and everyone in every society is probably having their heads stuck up the box so much that they can't possibly begin to think outside of it or would think it completely alien to do so... you have heard the phrase "think outside the box", I'd hope? It's all conceptual, anyway, the range people opine can be interesting.

    The photo of the vinyl flag that's in rainbow stripes is a little disconcerting, though. Probably caused more pollution to create it... whether it's a tangent on supporting gay rights or wanting them all dead from suffocation is clearly another issue and not even remotely tangential or indirectly interconnected, but at least the bag reads "CLIMAT" (French) on it.
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    I'm not quite sure what this thread is about, but, since we all know that Canadians are unusually nice people compared to almost everybody else:

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    China lets it get so bad that their citizens need masks, and then agree to cut back if all other developed nations who might be able to compete under similar regulation are further throttled. Sounds like a great deal, also 100bn to foreign nations for ? NWO?
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    Canada is a high latitude country, I don't think you can just say they are fossil lovers.

    It would be good if that chart also showed Norway, Sweden, and Finland (we already know Iceland is massively geothermal). But I guess there's a Gulf Stream advantage there.
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    That's out of date.
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    Only when those leaders give up developing their economies relentlessly and consider more on sustainability.
    At least for China and United States, oh, and Saudi Arabia.

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