China trumps America...?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by blackfox, Jan 25, 2017.

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    Yeah, it's Salon. But the points are salient and debatable. The US got the western Hemisphere through geography, history and luck. We played hegemon, or more recently balance-of-power in the Eastern hemisphere (against China) - but now...

    China is hell-bent on asserting it's dominance in it's neighborhood (and who could blame them), but now, they can actually take the high ground on Environmental and Trade issues. They can fill the US in the post-TPP trade agreement and spearhead Pollution controls that the US has abdicated. The Chinese (whose air and general environmental) quality is quite poor - have figured out that costs them a lot of money - so why the US doubles down on some old energy and trade positions - China is going to take advantage of the opportunities for the new. Not sure America first will matter outside of the US soon (also pending NAFTA renegotiations to consider). Sad? Or...
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    At the rate China was buying up US land to raise hogs on (letting us do the work and deal with the slop but taking the genetic engineering tech back to China), the far east is not the only neighborhood of interest to them either. In Latin America China already has vast agricultural and natural resources interests, for which they exchange local infrastructural investment. I always thought we should fix TPP and keep it attractive to all potential partners, not jettison it. It's a mistake to signal so early we're walking away.

    Pulling up the drawbridges is just nuts. "The lonely subcontinent"... travel guide website coming up??!

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