Choose a Mac for me? plz

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Phillip, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Phillip macrumors member

    Aug 13, 2003
    After discovering that alot of my previous mac that i liked to buy were sold after i went on school camp, i had to do most of my research agian. Its really getting to the stage where i just want to stay on my pc... j/k. but i am really tired of looking up ads and stuff... I JUST WANT SOMETHING THAT WORKS! I keep changing my mind on what to buy... i know you hate me asking too but i promise this is the last time...plz help me!

    Anyway i have decided not to wait because i really can't stay ne longer on a pc and get a okay mac and then in 2 -3 years get a pro one...

    Here are some of the specs of the computers i have choose. Free free to throw me u comments... even when u think i am the the worlds most idiotic idiot...

    iBook 12"
    500 Mhz
    10 GB Hard Drive
    196 MB Ram
    3 years Apple Care
    Software: (real copy of quarkexpress 5) and Adobe Design Studio

    Price: AU $1200 = USD $768

    iBook 12"
    700 Mhz
    20 GB Hard Drive
    CD-RW/ DVD
    640 MB Ram
    2 years Apple Care left

    Price AU $1650 = USD $1,056.00

    G4 PowerMac
    Dual 500 MHz
    512 RAM
    60 GB Hard Drive
    CD-RW (48x48x24)
    Zip Drive
    16 MB Graphics

    Price: AU $1500 = USD $960

    comments plz... you comments last time help me heaps...

  2. Alte22a macrumors 6502

    Feb 25, 2003
    back in London
    I think Dual G4, only get a laptop if you really need it..
  3. hugemullens macrumors 6502a


    Dec 15, 2002
    If you dont need a laptop get the powermac. how does the 500 ibook have 3 years of apple care? The 3 years start the day it was bought and the 500 mhz ibook was discontiuned a long time ago. But the power mac will last a long time and in a year or so you could always drop 300 bucks and upgrade the processor and get even more out of it.
  4. Phillip thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 13, 2003
    the ibook has 3 years of apple care because the person hasn't registed his apple care plan yet... the cd he says is still inside the apple care box...
  5. Ambrose Chapel macrumors 65816

    Ambrose Chapel

    Jul 24, 2002
    hmm but you can only register apple care within the first year of purchase. a new iBook 500 MHz is already several years old, so if apple care wasn't already registered i think it's too late.

    and i agree with the others - go for the dual PM unless you need portability. OS X is dual-savvy.
  6. caveman_uk Guest


    Feb 17, 2003
    Hitchin, Herts, UK
    IIRC the 500 MHz ibook has a 66MHz memory bus and really hits performance so go with the 700Mhz (100MHz bus) as it will be quite a bit faster.

    If you don't need portability what about a new emac? The base model has a 800Mhz G4 processor/CDROM/40GB/128MB and is $1499AUD from Apple Oz. If you can stretch a little further the next model up (1GHz G4/DVD-CDRW/60GB/128MB is a much better deal at $1899 from Apple Australia.

    Bear in mind all the machines you have mentioned will not support Quartz extreme graphics so that will slow them down. You need at least a 32MB graphics card to support it.

    Whatever you do buy extra RAM. 128MB is nowhere near enough and I don't know why Apple insist on pretending it is. At least an extra 256MB will help performance no end.
  7. Horrortaxi macrumors 68020


    Jul 6, 2003
    Los Angeles
    The iBook 500 would have at best 1 year of Apple Care left, but if the guy never registered it then it's got nothing.

    The iBook 700 doesn't sound like much of a deal. I've got one and it's great, but you can get them new for about $800 US ( If you add Apple Care and memory you'll go over $1056 but not by much and you'll have a new computer.

    The best computer you listed is the Power Mac. It's faster than either of the ibooks and it's expandable past what it can do now--the others aren't. The only thing that bothers me is the price. $960US seems a little high. Then again, things might just cost more in Australia.
  8. Daveman Deluxe macrumors 68000

    Daveman Deluxe

    Jun 17, 2003
    Corvallis, Oregon
    Not true. Any Radeon graphics card with 16 MB VRAM (such as the one in the iBook 700) will run Quartz Extreme.

    As for the computer choice, get the iBook 700 if you need the portability and the Power Mac if you don't. You haven't told us much about what you want to do, but it sounds like you're in school. I am too, and I have found my iBook 700 MUCH more useful than any desktop machine ever would have been. Desktop machines tie you to your dorm room, where you'll NEVER get any work done. You can take a laptop to the library.
  9. Freg3000 macrumors 68000


    Sep 22, 2002
    New York
    I have always wondered about this. I have heard that at first, Apple required 32 MB of VRAM for QE, but then lowered the requirement in order to accommodate more computers. So even though the 16 MB number is the number today, I am a bit weary of that. I believe that 32 MB is the minimum for Quartz to begin working at its absolute best.

    Now, none of those computers has 32 MB of video ram. So I'd get the PowerMac, and then pop in a ATI Radeon 8500 with 64 MB of VRAM to get a very nice, cheap computer. A dualie too. :)
  10. macrumors12345 macrumors 6502

    Mar 1, 2003
    Re: Choose a Mac for me? plz

    DO NOT buy the iBook 500. I currently own one (soon to be replaced by a Dual G5 - ordered it earlier this week!), so trust me, I would know. The problem with the iBook 500 is that the 66 Mhz memory bus totally chokes the machine, especially when you are trying to do any sort of multitasking. My friend owns an iBook 700, and it is SO MUCH faster, and it's all because of the faster memory bus (well, the higher clock speed and double the L2 cache helps too, but the memory bus is very key).

    If I were you I would go for the Dual G4 unless you really need the portability. If you need the portability, then go with the iBook 700.
  11. rainman::|:| macrumors 603


    Feb 2, 2002
    i would also vote for an eMac, tho it wasn't on your list, it's the most bang-for-your-buck...

  12. Phillip thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 13, 2003
    Hey thanks guys... i am really thinking of a eMac right now... only $1499 AU for a new g4...

    The real problem is that i need something with a lcd screen or my parents won't buy it...they think its better for my eyes and because i wear glasses and the computers my life so yeah...

    another problem with the eMac is its all-in-one design... something i don't really like... its not easy to pop a new dvd-rw of a new hard drive in... but thats not really a big problem...

    Neway... i found these auctions online...

    G4 PowerMac ( 2 days to end of auction at time of writing)
    G4 Processor
    Dual 867Mhz
    256Mb RAM
    60Gb Hard Drive
    Combo Drive

    In very good condition.
    Comes with 6 months warranty

    PRICE AT TIME: $1650 AU = $1,056.00 USD


    PowerMac G4/450Mhz Cube

    - G4 450Mhz processor
    - 768MB RAM
    - 1MB Cache
    - 20GB Hard Drive
    - DVD/CD ROM Drive
    - 2 x Firewire & 2 x USB Ports
    - ADC & VGA Display Ports
    - 10/100 Ethernet
    - 56K Modem
    - OSX Installed

    Includes power supply and cable, apple pro speakers, apple pro keyboard and apple pro mouse (black).
    No software or original packaging included.
    Excellent Condition - 1 Month Warranty

    PRICE AT TIME: $1125 AU = $ 720 USD

    how much should i bid for them? any idea guys? thanks for you help so far...
  13. gotohamish macrumors 65816


    Jul 15, 2001
    Okay, you say you need an LCD - well you'd have to buy one for the PowerMac, so that IMMEDIATELY raises the price.

    Go for a brand new iBook if you can.
  14. aethier macrumors 6502a


    Feb 1, 2003
    Montréal, Canada
    As long as the CRT monitor has a good refresh rate then it shouldn't bother your eyes too much...

  15. crazzyeddie macrumors 68030


    Dec 7, 2002
    Florida, USA
    Danger from CRTs went out a long time ago... they all have anti-radiation coating on them, and if you parents are that worried, you can get the same coating on your glasses for about $25.

    The refresh rate causes eye fatigue... which you would not get with the monitor built into the eMac. I would try to get them to let you get the eMac, its the best deal.

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