Christie Going to Jail? Prosecutors say Christie knew about bridge closings.

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    this horse has been beaten to death. I bout it will go farther.
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    “Fake, conspiracies don’t happen!”

    Prosecutors from the United States attorney’s office said that two of the alleged co-conspirators in the case, David Wildstein and Bill Baroni, had bragged to the governor about the lane closings, and that they had been done to “mess” with the mayor of Fort Lee because he had declined entreaties to endorse the governor’s re-election. Mr. Christie also knew that phone calls from the mayor, Mark Sokolich, raising concerns about a public safety emergency, were deliberately being ignored, prosecutors said.​

    This is good. I dislike Christie.
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    Christie's made some good decisions, and others that not helped anyone. This latest issue is certainly not one of the better decisions, since his job is to govern objectively (or not manipulate an economic market). Doesn't matter which side plays the games, it doesn't make the side they're on look good. Then again, the old phrase "... keep your enemy closer" also makes some sense.

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