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Dec 9, 2015
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When one of the most wonderful holidays in a year is knocking at your door and all preparations are done it’s just the time to start greet your friends and ones you love! And with a cute easy-to-use application "Christmas cards free" (which you can get absolutely free) you will became a real Christmas wizard. Using this app you can create unique eCards, send original greetings and make people smile and feel happy. It’s a chance to send colorful mms instead of monochrome sms!

This eCards editor provides you with dozens of Christmas and New Year themed pictures. In its image collection everyone can find something what appeals to his/her taste. There are pics with Santa, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, balls and garlands, Bengal fires, funny kittens in Christmas socks and etc.

When you’ve chosen a picture you can put desirable greeting text on it. The text is placed right on the top of the picture and can be made more sophisticated with several editing options. You can choose font, size, color adjustments, and alignment, add shadow effect and transparency.

"Christmas cards free" has a very simple interface which is a real cherry on the cake! Because you don’t need ages to understand how it works. This eCards maker allows you to create masterpieces in a blink of an eye. After double-clicking finger on the selected picture you can put greeting message right on top. And then edit text choosing desirable size, font, color and arrangement.

Since you’ve created a new eCard it can be sent via mms, email, published on Facebook or saved to a photo album for the right moment. With "Christmas cards free" your holiday mms messages and emails will become more colorful and sending of greetings will turn into fascinating and pleasant process. Due to compatibility with Facebook you’ll get a chance to greet not only people from your iPhone contact list but also those ones whose phone number you’ve lost or never have had.

This application includes only Christmas and New Year pictures. And as it’s free of charge it contains some ads.

If you want wider choice and don’t want to be annoyed by ads then you should get the full-function version of the app - "iSmartMMS". "iSmartMMS" provides you with a huge picture base for different life occasions and special events. In "iSmartMMS" you are able to create eCards, send greeting mms and emails, save eCards to the album and publish them on Facebook. Also you can use your own photos or pictures. Make your messages and eCards colorful and personalized with "iSmartMMS".

Supported Devices:

Minimum iOS Version: iOS 7.0

Download Size: 10.8MB

iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/christmas-cards-free-make/id404135678?mt=8

** The perfect eCard creator to celebrate the spirit of Christmas **
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