Christmas Lights Finder shows you where to find great light displays

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    Hello, everyone. I'm the principal developer at Light Year Software, LLC and we're proud to announce our latest iOS app, Christmas Lights Finder. It's designed to help you find great nearby Christmas light displays. It is available now on the App Store for just 99¢. More information is available on the product page on our website.

    I started kicking around the idea last year because my kids really enjoy looking at the lights on houses, but aimlessly driving around can be hit-and-miss. I thought an app that helped to show where cool lights were, with photos and ratings, would help immensely.

    We've spent an enormous amount time researching and building a database of almost 1200 addresses of the biggest displays in the United States. We're hoping our customers will get into the spirit and tell us about many, many more. It's as simple as two taps in the app, or a few more if you wish to send in a photo and a rating at the same time.
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    2010.3 update added native iPad support

    Since my original announcement, I've updated the app a couple of times. The most recent one added native support for iPad and took care of a handful of interface issues.

    Our directory is now nearly 1650 addresses!

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