CIA chief: Al Qaeda to strike

Discussion in 'Community' started by Shrek, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. Shrek macrumors 65816


    Jul 23, 2002
    Nashville, Tennessee USA

    Uh oh. :(
  2. Hemingray macrumors 68030


    Jan 9, 2002
    Ha ha haaa!
    I'd like to see them try another stint like 9/11. Those bastards will not succeed! What a bunch of sad gits.
  3. 3rdpath macrumors 68000


    Jan 7, 2002
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    sadly, i don't think its a matter of "if", but a matter of "when".
  4. Kethoticus macrumors 6502


    I'll say this much: these maniacs aren't making any friends. I mean, attack their own people in Bali?!? Yeah, those Indonesian Muslims will just run to their side now.
  5. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    obviously, they are working in such small, unrelated cells, and autonomously, that it would be hard to catch them all

    to call the cells unified or under one name is a misnomer

    it's not as if we can catch all their current leaders and stop terrorist activity in the name of al qaeda

    as long as their is one person angry enough to do harm and they want to call themselves al qaeda, then that organization is alive and succeeding on its diabolical goals

    the only way terrorism will stop is when there is no longer a huge distance between the usa and the rest of the world in terms of dollars and cents

    we are a rich country and thus a target for a lot of disenfranchised citizens of the world who live in war and poverty...whether the usa had a part in their dispair or not

    i believe, at least some of al qaeda think they are doing something right to help the plight of some populace they think they are representing

    but as history shows, this type of brutal, random violence never succeeds in the end
  6. macktheknife macrumors 6502a


    Jan 24, 2002
    Man, reading this story was so sad and scary:

    This whole incident is so damn terrible: my friend told me that Bali is to Australians whan Hawaii is to Americans. With this recent incident, I think Bali's tourism industry will be in trouble for quite some time.

    I think Al-Qaeda is going to change its tactic to car bombs and suicide bombers to hit civilians everywhere. It's easier and more damaging psychologically.
  7. Kethoticus macrumors 6502


    I was recently admonished (and insulted) for putting up a quote that read, "Islam is a religion in which God requires you to send your son to die for him. Christianity is a faith in which God sent his Son to die for you." I said that I'd remove this quote from the bottom of all my posts until I found more conclusive evidence that such a statement was accurate and fair to Muslims. It sounds like you've found something that backs up that quote. Am I right? Wrong? What does the statement "The Quaran clearly show what a true muslim must do to the infidels" mean? Does the Q'uran really tell people to commit suicide in the name of Allah? Is this an actual tenet of the religion or just a perversion of the religion on the parts of some psychopaths?

    If the book claims the former, what evidence do they provide to back themselves up? Do they quote verses within context? I guess what I'm asking is, is the book written by a reputable author? If you prefer to keep this from developing into a potentially tense thread, feel free to email me privately.
  8. Kethoticus macrumors 6502


    Don't completely discount this. Don't think that N Korea wouldn't smuggle a nuke into the US if they could. Or even China. In fact, I have heard that China, at times, has considered--or has actually worked with terrorists to hit the US with a nuclear attack without launching a single rocket, and presumably staying away from any blame. We have enemies everywhere.

    I can not debate this at this time, but I can say this: I believe that Samson and others in the OT were sent by God to judge peoples whose pagan ways had reached a limit that even God's near-infinite patience could no longer tolerate. I believe that these Muslim terrorists are acting less on Allah's judgement and more out of their own jealousy and psychological ***** envy of the US.

    He based his faith on the Bible itself. Actually, he attempted to bring the Church BACK to Biblical fundamentals, something the Catholic Church had seriously departed from. His reformation was not in rewriting Christianity, but in getting back to the basics of it.

    We Christians see the Bible the same way. The difference: Christians are taught to preach and to love in order to lead people to God. The wrath part is supposed to come from God Himself.

    Christians are called to make disciples of all people all over the world as well. But again, we're called to love people into the Kingdom of God and to preach the "good news" of Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection. In no way, shape or form are Jesus' followers called upon to wage war against the unGodly. In fact, what did Jesus do when Peter raised his sword in defense of Jesus the night he was arrested? He told him that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword. Sounds like a discouragement to commit violence.

    Eeek. I hope you're right. There is opposition in Iran and Iraq, so I suppose that's a glimmer of hope.

    Amen to that. Hence one of my reasons for planning on getting a "green" car and a solar-powered house.

    I hope so. One way or the other--internal revolution, war, negotiations, treaties--for our safety, these countries need to radically change.

    But thanks for that. That was interesting.
  9. Kethoticus macrumors 6502


    I know that Desert Storm was at least partially about oil, and unlike others, I will not criticize that. But I truly do believe that for the sake of our environment, our safety, etc, etc, we need to pursue home-grown, environment-friendly, renewable sources of energy. And the sooner the better. If anything, our war on terror has magnified this need and will hopefully move our nation to be more aggressive in pursuing alternative fuel sources.

    Well, that will have the benefit of making Russia richer and therefore, more stable, as well as weakening the hold the Arab world has on the West.

    I'm not sure if I like the sound of that. What exactly is he talking about?

    I agree with that, to a point. I think BOTH countries should be of concern to us. I do not want to get into a conflict with nation that has over a billion people over a tiny island. But N Korea does need to be dealt with. I believe that they are a potentially terrorist-supporting country and are aggressive.

    I don't see how this is going to benefit China economically. Or is it just a distraction for its people?

    Not having to attack yet another Muslim country would be a great relief. That's that much less we'll look like a bully to the Arab world. I hope you're right about this.
  10. mcrain macrumors 68000


    Feb 8, 2002
    I think the extremism that exists within the Islamic world is more a product of individuals rather than the religious texts. Sure, any nutjob can point to something in the old testament, new testament, koran, whatever to justify a point of view or course of action. However, Islam has a long, long history of expanding peacefully. When they first expanded into what is now Isreal, they lived peacefully with the jewish population for hundreds of years. It wasn't until more militant interpretations of Islam came about that the problems with India, Isreal, the US, etc... came to the forefront.

    Islam, by itself, is just a religion. Islam interpreted by whackjobs can be just as sad and pathetic as Christianity was during the crusades.


    Take a look at this article on the difference between Islam and Islamism...
  11. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    there are tons of moderate muslims

    the press concentrates on the extremists because they are more newsworthy and add the the network's ratings

    note the lack of happy news these days

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