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    So, I'm surprised that I haven't seen any real mention of Sen. McCain's proposal to create a civilian national security force. That this hasn't gotten coverage just drips with media intent to get him elected. I was going to just paraphrase it, but the quote is just all that much more disturbing:

    So, it appears that his intent is to create a $550 billion force (rough estimate of the DoD budget if Iraq funding is excluded. I would suggest that he would cut the military budget, but both candidates are clearly not going to make the misstap of proposing that.

    And, now that your rightous indignation is built up, I should mention it is Sen. Obama, not McCain, who is proposing this. I'm sure there are some who will defend this, some who will excuse it, and some who will condemn it. Had it been McCain, I'd like to think I would have stood in opposition. Those who would excuse it are possibly the most disconcerting, as I can't believe anybody would be so blinded as to overlook the combination of this and the FISA vote.
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    I'm confused. What is a Civilian Security Force, how does it differ from a Military one?

    Is it just armed groups of organised people, without the camo gear?
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    That's part of the problem. With the comparison, it would essentially be a federal police force, but equipped with paramilitary weapons and powers. Since I can't imagine that big ticket items like howitzers are going to be helpful against the civilian populace, that much money will buy you a lot of bullets and pay off a lot of informants.
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    It's not so clear... the context in which he said it (here's a slightly more mainstream news link), as far as I can tell, was talking about renewing the American legacy of public / civil service via incentivizing volunteering, enlarging Americorps and our Peace Corps activities, and doing other things to create more opportunities for Americans to serve.

    This whole agenda referenced Kennedy in particular quite heavily. So from the context, it sounds more like he's talking not about creating any kind of paramilitary force but the core liberal belief that empowerment and pursuit of liberty enhance security -- that is, that these kinds of activities have downstream security benefits for the country by enhancing our image internationally, invigorating more Americans to support each other and the government and rallying them together, and generally directing people both domestically and abroad towards pro-social goals that tend to naturally be more conducive to peace.

    As far as I can tell, the rest of the speech wasn't really about defense or security spending in the traditional sense -- so it didn't seem to center around building up the State department, and Obama suggesting creating a civilian defense force like the one Japan has, for instance, would seem kind of odd.

    But then he did use that term, and it's not one that's in the common US lexicon.
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    Ok, I get what he was trying to say. He's trying to equate diplomacy, foreign aid and volunteerism with national security. He's using Republican words to get the idea across that national security isn't only about blowing **** up.

    At least, that's how I read it.
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    Ah... I see. So where Bush wanted the military to sacrifice themselves for the good of foreigners, Obama wants *everyone* to. Change, change, change.
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    Isn't this kind of what the National Guard is supposed to be? Except now they're shipping them off to Iraq.
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    This is quite obviously nothing to do with a formal "Security Force", civilian or otherwise. It is about rediscovering the idea of getting out there and "doing stuff for your country", in whatever form inspires you, rather than sitting back and waiting for your mail order stuff to be delivered to your door. Nothing too shocking in that, except perhaps to a nation of consumer couch-potatoes who think they can buy world leadership with their credit cards.
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    I take huge exception to this. We order stuff online.

    We're not all fat.

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