Click Here to Find Out the Best Wireless Provider in Your Area Based on Tests (US)

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    Here's a very helpful and comprehensive tool that will help others who are on the fence about which wireless carrier to go with for the new iPhone 5.

    You can find out what the best wireless provider in your local area is by checking the RootMetrics carrier report, and also check coverage in your local area.

    You can click here to find out what the best wireless providers are in your local area based on call, text, data, and combined performances (US only). Click on your local area, then on the right hand side under the red section titled "Report Archive", click on the most recent date to view your local area report.

    For example, click here to read the September 2012 report for the Dallas area. It ranks AT&T as the best overall choice for combined performance and data performance, while the best call and text performances go to Verizon.

    Also, you can click here to check coverage in your local area to see what other users are reporting their data and call connection speeds are based on each individual carrier.

    (I have NO affiliation with RootMetrics. Just found it and thought it was a helpful tool to pass along.)

    What's the best wireless provider in your area based on the RootMetrics tests?
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