Clinton/TrumprResponses on police survey differ greatly

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    You can download the responses in full via the link. Less might be more - but in this case, maybe not so much. There are clearly differences in the approach to the questions. Not saying Hillary's answers are better, but Trump at times seems like he just wanted to get through the survey quickly.

    While Clinton stresses the need to "rebuild the bonds of trust between our law enforcement officers and our communities," Trump takes a much different approach, saying he is "focused on restoring the rule of law in the United States."

    When it comes to lowering crime, Clinton pointing to declining crime rates over the past two decades and the need to "ensure that local law enforcement has the resources they need to do their jobs effectively and keep our communities safe.

    One topic both candidates on agree was increasing funding to deal with mental health issues. While Trump said he will work with Congress, Clinton said that she would "pursue a robust mental health agenda that ensures Americans have access to mental health treatment."

    More via the link.
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    The adjectives and buzzwords sounds nice, but how will they do it and will the people go along with it and why has Obama been able to do nothing, not even an executive order?
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    I think it's because ultimately every nominee - presidential or otherwise - have goals they want to achieve. Some might be to appeal to the voters - but others are because they genuinely believe they can (and want to) fix things. However, once you get into the job, it's not so cut and dry. Not so different from any of us. We interview for a job. We have goals and objectives (and so does the company) but you get into the role and often what you hope to accomplish becomes entangled in a living/breathing environment.

    That's why I don't think you (not you specific) can't blame any one President and/or term and/or party for anything. @LizKat wrote a very good explanation of how the real failure of our system is us. We don't hold our elected officials accountable enough. It's not easy to do - but if we did it more, collectively, we the people, might be able to move the needle.

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