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    I am creating clipping paths for some images to be used in a book. I have decided to create the clipping paths in photoshop (files will be used in inDesign). I read a book that suggested using an alpha channel instead, saying it was easier... can anyone verify that? I have used clipping paths before but because I am going to be detached from the final proofing of this project, I am being a bit cautious... my questioning is this, if my images have about 100 or so, maybe a little more, points and a majority of the lines range from straight to a slight curve, the images are of artwork that has been cut from a canvus so no 100% straight lines, would a flatness of 3 be okay?

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    Alpha channels are much easier AND you can have anti-aliased edges, as well as semi-transparency if you'd like. Add to that not having to deal with points or flatness settings.

    DO IT!!!
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    Alpha Channel is a Raster Masking primarily in Adobe Photoshop that requires Photoshop Masking techniques with RGB, CMYK, and various other Custom Channels. Channel Masking is the best way to accomplish silhouette/clipping path for sophisticated images.

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