cMBP-15in w/ High-Res Anti-Glare-2.3 or 2.6? ghz

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ovation802, Mar 14, 2013.

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    Hello All-
    I am upgrading from a white macbook (2009) and and i know anything will be a huge improvement. I have it narrowed down to the 15in cMBP with high-res anti glare, but I am waffling between the 2.3ghz and 2.6ghz processor. I will use mostly for work (Word/Excel), and photo editing in iPhoto and maybe Aperture. Also movie editing on iMovie. I would like to stream ripped movies to my ATV (I have an apple extreme). Also maybe some light gaming (Simcity 5) I have explored the forums and googled my face off, but specifically if i am not using Final Cut or Photoshop- will i notice any difference with a 2.6ghz processor? Thanks for any advice/insight - much appreciated!
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    That is the past generation products. Now the options are 2.4 GHz and 2.8 GHz. But for your uses, 2.3 GHz is great (quad core too). No difference in cache, I think. Also, high res is expensive, so the extra money is unecessary. For gaming, the GPU is more important than CPU, so the NVidia 640M card should be great for light gaming.

    EDIT: I was talking about the rMBP, sorry!
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    If price is not an object then get the upgraded processor because you also get the 1GB GT 650M as opposed to the 512MB 650M in the 2.3 version. An upgraded processor also helps with longevity and resale value.

    IMO, the $200 spend is worth it, even with your usage model.

    B...the cMBP was not updated with the new processors.
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    Wrong, where do you see the 2.4 and 2.8???

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    Oh right...I am so used to people asking about the Retina.
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    Longevity and resale value is understandable, but what I am trying to understand is based on my usage will i notice any benefit now? I tend to keep my computers for 4-5 years (longer if they fit the bill). It is the iphone and ipads I have the addiction to reselling and upgrading :)
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    Ok, gotcha, benefit now. For SimCity, yes you will see a benefit now with the upgraded processor and extra video RAM (and with future games), mainly in terms of how smoothy the game runs. Everything else? Probably not. For the productivity apps you mentioned these things will not make as much of a difference. If anything you might see split seconds shaved off of processing times here or there due to a slightly faster CPU. I would think RAM is more important to have.

    For me personally though, I would have serious buyer's remorse getting a 2.3 CPU/512MB video card when an upgrade to both processor and video RAM is only $200 more. These are both things you can't upgrade in the future. I would offset the $200 by skimping on HDD and RAM, and upgrading them third party. If that's an option budget-wise, of course.

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