CMS that leaves me in charge of site paradigm?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by kylos, Jun 13, 2008.

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    Nov 8, 2002
    I'm looking to start working with CMS's, but I keep getting turned off by the complexity of many templating systems (either that, or I can't seem to find any decent documentation, good manuals seem hard to come by). Is there a good CMS system out there, based on includes, that lets me design an interface from scratch, using javascript, css, xhtml as I see fit? GPL would be nice, but inexpensive domain licenses are fine as well. I'd like a graphical web editor for the users to modify content, but not layout. I would like to create several page templates of my own, so I don't have to muck around with some blog- or news- or gallery- or whatever-based system, so I don't have to adapt my design to some other developer's idea of how my site should be configured. Any personal experiences much appreciated.
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    I'm not going to make a specific suggestion, you have so much criteria plus obviously you know what you want. May I suggest you visit the following site which allows you to actually test nearly all the major open source CMS's out there, so you can see for yourself. Included are comments and ratings to help you narrow the list, initially, with CMS's that are listed and organized by type at:

    Note: Check out the commercial sites since those usually have the editor and clean separation of layout from content layers in the overall design.

    Anyone with specific suggestions feel free!

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    Hey Kyle,

    We have exactly what you need. My partner and I have started a remote content management business. All you need is an understanding of how to work with (parse) xml and the frontend is 100% up to you. We have a ton of modules that we've developed over the years that we are currently integrating. It's very flexible and perfect for designers who don't want to deal with hacks, open source security issues, and expandability. Here is a list of what we have thus far (

    To see the demo click here:

    Here's a couple of sites using the framework

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