CNN: Math for Obamas budget does add up and could add 6.2 trillion to debt by 2022

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  1. glocke12, Oct 26, 2012
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    Where do you ever get this idea? Romney does NOT have the business experience to fix an economy, let alone one the size of the USA. Romney has made his money by buying failing companies, stripping them down to a profitable core, then quickly selling them on. That is NOT the sort of management an economy requires.

    Romney's business experience shows that he can put in quick fixes and eject deadwood so it becomes Somebody Else's Problem, but you can't do that when you are dealing with a nation. The "deadwood" is STILL your problem, one that you still have to pay for in some capacity. IMO his experience does not show any capability of taking a long or encompassing view nor of actually being able to build anything that lasts.

    Romney is no Warren Buffett, nor is he a Steve Jobs. He's the wrong type of capitalist, one that only thrives in a Wall St. type environment. Put him in charge of a pension fund by all means, but an entire country? More fool you if you do.
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    ok...lets keep it to one topic than, the obama budget...cant wait to see the rebuttals here on CNNs piece.


    oh...BTW I got that idea from Joe Biden :)
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    If you watch the interview with Sen. Barbara Boxer that came directly after that segment, she thoroughly dismantled CNN's claims. Such as how we aren't borrowing to pay for the war anymore. CNN's numbers are way off, and that's why this isn't being spread around much.
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    Look at it this way, John Key is a businessman cut from the same cloth as Mitt Romney but still can't sort out NZ's measly debt. Our debt growth hasn't changed significantly from a economically liberal to an economically conservative government. The only thing that has changed is the income inequality.
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    I'm not sure why it would be more significant coming from CNN.

    In any case, this same sort of dispute has happened during every election I can remember, and the disagreements usually come down to what sort of growth you can expect. Right now growth is running at about 2% per year -- not enough to get a lot more young adults in the workforce, but, not bad considering the downturn in Europe. Here are the latest numbers:

    Go wild, there is plenty more where that came from. Reading economic reports is so interesting. ;)
  7. edk99, Oct 26, 2012
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    Don't worry the liberal forum members will be hear shortly to discredit that segment on CNN and pull a switch-a-roo on you directing your attention to some liberal blog ripping on the romney/ryan budget and how their numbers don't add up.
  8. citizenzen macrumors 65816

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    A search through news sources including even CNN's website comes up empty.

    If anybody can find corroborative evidence to the OP's claim from a reputable source, please share it.
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    On tenterhooks

    Any news outlet that accepts commercial dollars has the potential to be corrupted at some level.

    You don't mean to say .... OMG .... disinformation!!! :eek:
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    Why? CNN routinely criticizes BOTH the President AND Romney. And always have throughout the entire election campaign. Not sure why you think this is somehow earth shattering.

    That being said, it's pretty obvious that the reason both men get criticized is for much of the same reason. There aren't super detailed plans, from either party on how to fix our problems. Partly because I think they are worried that Americans will reject the message and not vote for them, and partly because I think when it comes right down to it, neither party is totally sure what the best steps are. There are only guesses.

    If you're looking for real fairly significant news, then look to how major CEO's are now calling for taxes to be raised. That's interesting. And definitely counter to the Tea Party Republicans.
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    come back when you can provide a substantive argument that is more than just "the evil liberals did that" and "dirty liberals do this" :rolleyes:
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    I don't think Obama nor Romney will ever be able to balance the neither one will have a budget that "adds up". This comes from resistance to tax increases and resistance to cut existing government programs, and a resistance to finding a compromise involving both. Romney and Obama are both advocating that the rich pay more taxes than they have historically...advocating and actually getting into formal policy are two different things. As of now, the national debt is about $50,000 for every person in the US...and I don't see that changing unless people make sacrifices to both taxes and programs, which probably won't happen.
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    And China.

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