CNN News Women Anchors Vs. Fox News Women Anchors

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BigBoyBmw760li, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Oct 14, 2014
    A few close friends of mine and myself had a few cold Stella Artois :cool: after shopping at the mall and one of my friends brought up this interesting observation. He said "Did you guys ever notice that for some odd reason, Fox News anchor women (Conservative/Republican) look way more attractive than CNN (Liberal/Democrat)? I laughed pretty hard at his question because it was out of the blue. But to be honest with you guys, I kinda thought about it and I do agree that Fox News anchors look waaaaay move attractive than those dyke looking, weathered CNN female anchors lmao. We had one of our 2 of our lovely lady friends with us named Brittany and Nicole and both agreed as well. Nicole even went to the point saying that liberal women are just more of a piece of work and less optimistic than a women who is conservative. And I believe that is very true! Especially from personal experience! Ironically, a good portion of the women I talked to ending up having a problem with were leaning towards the left side. Im from Boston, and maybe some you Bostonians can understand what I am saying when you turn on local Fox News then compare it with the left. There might be a decent looking liberal news anchor but nothing to turn up your volume to tune into the story. Which if I had Fox on, I would be more likely to turn up the volume because a bunch of hot right wing ladies talking about this Mickey Mouse of a operation called the Obama Administration. :rolleyes: I'm Black btw. 100%... while my friend who proposed the question is Brazilian and Nicole is blonde and Brittany is a dirty blonde. Im just saying this so no one can bring the most overused argument: "The race card" :rolleyes: lmao

    So what do you guys, ladies think? Really keen to hear your responses. Would make a poll but can't see it for some odd reason.
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