Cocoa Training Course Announced for Atlantic Canada

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    Link: Cocoa Training Course Announced for Atlantic Canada
    Description:: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Bamboo Architects [] have announced 'The C5 Summit' to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia March 27th-31st. The C5 Summit is five days of intensive Cocoa developer training, taught by Aaron Hilligas in conjunction with The Big Nerd Ranch []. This is the first time Cocoa training has been offered to the public in Atlantic Canada and for many Windows-developers in the area, it is the first time that Mac programming has been geographically and financially accessible.

    While participants are expected to have experience with C or C++, they are not expected to have ever programmed a Macintosh before. Those attending the C5 Summit will learn using Xcode 2.2 and will be taken through the steps to develop a graphically and functionally rich application, compiled for both Intel and PowerPC-based Macs. Other topics include CoreData, CoreGraphics, Bindings and the Objective-C language. A full itinerary for the C5 Summit is available at Bamboo's website.

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    I live in halifax and I want to learn Cocoa.... but i have no experience programming will there be anything available to help with that?
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    i'm sorry, but this thread is like 3 years old!
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    haha... oops.... sorry for the bump

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