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    Link: coconutWiFi 1.0 See instantly if you’re in range of an open wireless network
    Description:: coconutWiFi is the perfect companion software for you Airport equiped notebook Macintosh. coconut WiFi makes it easy to search for a wireless access point. Normally you would have to check the Apple airport-menu continuously to see if a network is in your range, this doesn’t work because you don’t want to open and close the airport-menu all the time and in the airport-menu you don’t see if the network is encrypted or open - you have to try to connect to verify this.

    coconutWiFi solves this by displaying various coloured small aqua-bubbles at the top of your screen which indicates whether you’re in range of a wireless network or not. The application also tells you if the wireless networks in your range are encrypted or open, so you won’t miss the next open wireless network any more.

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    Not a bad idea, but it would be better if it was just a menu program and didn't take up space as an full application.
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    umm seems to me there are atleast 2 widgets that do this all ready
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    It says on the website that the next version will not have a dock icon.
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    Apr 10, 2003
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    It's ok I guess. I suppose it might be nice to see the number of hotspots around you all the time up at the top. I already use KisMac for this purpose though.
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    I like it. Sure Kismac is more powerful etc but this is a neat thing to have running all the time. I wonder if it could ping or pulse when a new network is first detected but still be a low CPU user...
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