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Discussion in 'Games' started by psycho bob, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Many of you will probably know this information but if you don't I hope it helps your gaming experience with Call Of Duty.
    Last week my dual 2.5 came with it 6800 GT and stock memory (more gigs due tomorrow). Anyway I installed Call Of Duty United Offensive, put all the detail settings to max (at 1680x1050) with bilinear filtering and went online with it. I played at 50-85 FPS. I felt a little disappointed my single processor G5 scored around 60 (AVG) with an ATI 9600.
    Anyway tweeking around with the config files has gained some performance. Firstly COD is SMP aware, if you look in the multiplayer config file /home/library/application support/COD (be it UO or the original) and then either Main (for original) or UO (for United offensive). In their you will find config files for both single and multi player games which you can open in text edit. Look for the entry seta r_smp and if the number next to it is a 0 change it to a 1. You will now see a performance gain if you have a dual machine.
    If you feel you FPS figure is being 'capped' look for the entry seta com_maxfps and change the figure next to it to something higher like 200. This number is the figure that the FPS will be limited to and of course we don't want any limits.
    If you still find performance disappointing then look for the entry seta r_drawSun and change the number to 0. All this does is turns off the flare when you face the sun if you have the lighting settings turned up, it in no way detracts from the game but stops you grinding to a halt if you look up to throw a grenade.
    Next within the game go to options and turn off sync every frame you don't need it and it makes a huge difference. With Trilinear filtering turned on my frame rate went down to an almost constant 60FPS even with SMP turned on. Once I turned this off I'm seeing frame rates of 100+ with everything on max.
    I hope this info helps some of you. If you have any other tips it would be great to hear them.
    On a slightly different note how do you turn SMP support on in UT2004. I know you do it in the config file with a similar entry as in COD but I can't find it. Help would be appreciated. :)
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    1) Having frame rates higher than 85 are worthless. There is a set cap at 85 for a good reason: it makes your frame rates more even.

    2) UT2004 doesnt have true SMP, but 1 processor is used for sound (1-3% load).

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