Codename For IBM's New 64Bit PPC + More!

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by DaveGee, Sep 15, 2002.

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    Jul 25, 2001
    MacTheKnife errr TheGayBlad has posted is latest NMR report and this one seems to spill a whole lot of beans... Some of the best quotes are quoted below.
    The heretofore-unspoken name of IBM’s G4 Replacement is GPUL (short for GigaProcessor UltraLite). It is Multi-core, 64-bit Microprocessor that supports Vector/SIMD Multimedia eXtension (VMX), the generic Title for the Technologies comprising Altivec (a k a Velocity Engine).

    Looks like that name that Moki was using over on the AI boards now has an official meaning! GPUL is the internal name of that new IBM PPC that is gonna be presented at the Microprocessor Forum next month!!! Wait it gets even more interesting...

    This Most Worthy CPU also being fine-tuned to work with the Apple Processor Interconnect bus (ApplePI), Apple’s Replacement for the venerable MaxBus. Mac OS X is already booting happily on Prototype Units.

    ApplePI?!?!? I know I've heard that codename used before but it had to be 8 or 9 months ago now... Well seems like that codename too now has 'real meaning' Apple Processor Interconnect an (assumed) high speed replacement for the MaxBus... Something that many think is holding us back and it now seems that Apple agrees.

    Alas, GPUL does not appear to be in the Cards for January’s Generation of Apple Systems. IBM had Mac OS X running on GPUL by November 2001, was delivering Prototypes to Apple by March of this Year, and was testing prototype Mac Hardware Systems and core Apple Application Software by April. Nevertheless,

    Well I didn't want to hear that part but it can't be all good news all the time... But it sure was nice to read the confirmation on a few codenames that have been floating around for a while now.

    Also if it's true that the 1st prototypes for this CPU were in Apples hands back in March 2002 and Apple was already testing initial prototype systems only a month later then come MacWorld NY or maybe even before we should finally see the GPUL err G5 CPU!

    TGB isn't your 3rd rate rumor monger who will post anything and everything that hits his mailbox and what he does post is usually pretty level headed and turns out to be true... Needless to say most of his rumors are NOT the juiciest tidbits you've ever read (no 3Ghz quad processors nor iWalk crud) but in this case that's a really good thing...

    Cause to me this be one juciest rumor I've seen in a while! (one that I can trust anyway)

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    Apr 27, 2002
    Not here
    That will probably be the first computer that follows apple's anti-os 9 policy. All of the other comps are going to be updated before Jan. 1st.

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