Colin the Reindeer and the Fart That Saved Christmas

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    Dec 12, 2012
    Hi everyone,

    I'm brand new to the forum. I'm just dropping in to let you know about a new Christmas app that my friend and I have just released - Colin the Reindeer and the Fart That Saved Christmas.

    Don't let the subtlety of the title fool you. It is a new Christmas story for kids, or people with a juvenile sense of humour like us that still find farts funny.

    My name is Michael Westlake, and I wrote the story. My friend, the excellently named Rebel Challenger, did the illustrations.

    We're trying to spread the word about the app, which we hope will bring festive, and slightly flatulent, cheer to your iPad’s app collection this Christmas.

    Colin the Reindeer and the Fart That Saved Christmas is a heart-warming – and possibly global warming – story of a friendly reindeer who dreams of making Santa’s sleigh team for the Christmas Eve delivery run.

    The problem is, Colin isn’t very good. On top of that, the other reindeer don’t want to be in the team with our hero because he suffers from a slightly embarrassing problem – he likes eating Christmas trees, which make him break wind uncontrollably.

    But when the weather turns nasty one Christmas Eve, Santa is worried that he won’t be able to deliver presents to all the boys and girls around the world – until Colin and his “special talent” step up to save the day!

    Colin the Reindeer and the Fart That Saved Christmas is an interactive story – readers can touch characters and scenes to activate sounds and animations to help bring the ebook tale to life.

    It is a beautifully-illustrated story that also carries messages for children about the importance of being yourself, never giving up, friendship, self-belief and the power of the Christmas spirit.

    The Colin the Reindeer and the Fart That Saved Christmas app features options for “Read by Myself” and “Read to Me”, which is the fully narrated version, as well as beautiful illustrations and animations, interactive scenes and hilarious sound effects.

    There is also a bonus colouring book to help keep the kids occupied during the holidays.

    We are very proud of the app, and sincerely hope you like it to. We'd love you to check it out and tell us what you think!

    It is available now through the Apple iTunes App Store, via the link below:

    We hope it tickles your fancy.

    We have also done a little promo video on You Tube: Possibly the only homage to the Dark Knight Rises starring a farting reindeer in history. It's here if you want a look:

    You can also follow Colin on Twitter @fartycolin

    We're not a big app development company - just two friends from Australia who hope to give a few people a good laugh this Christmas, so if you do like it, please help spread the word.

    Regardless, all the very best to you and your families for Christmas and the new year.

    Thanks so much,

    Michael Westlake
    Rebel Challanger
    & Colin the Reindeer :D

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