Comdex 2004 Canceled

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 23, 2004.

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    Like other typical stories it becomes a M$/Gates/Dell circle jerk with barely a mention of Apple, who was there at the beginning and probably wowed Comdex audiences many many more times than Gates ever did. The idiot who wrote the article even went so far as to say Gates showed off the "snazzy new DOS 2.0 at Comdex 1983" like people were standing up and cheering, no, there was crickets and "what does that do?" Apple came out the next year with GUI and blew the doors off Comdex 84 which made any one thing Gates ever did or said at Comdex look like a wet matchstick to an atomic bomb. I just love the peecee suckup industry... not a friggin' clue among them.
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    Seems you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. :)

    Before I switched to Macs, I was pretty ignorant of macs in general. I remember attending Comdex here in Vancouver in 1995 and it was a big event. But most in attendance were average PC folks. Several years ago, most of the big vendors left and you had a whole bunch of small companies showcasing retreads on technology and you could tell by their booth they were hardly innovative tech companies. So thats how Comdex became to be more like a used computer swap meet. It was totally lame. After that, I never attended another Comdex. Good thing too. I'm through with junky PCs anyway and I have no regrets leaving that computing hell hole.
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    the point he is trying to make though is that a person writing about the IT industry SHOULD know their facts, and no matter their company or their personal opinion, they should be giving the public fact, its the most basic rule of journalism, but instead the author of this article is trying to show how important Bill Gates was at Comodex, when in reality he was pretty insignificant
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    Oct 20, 2002
    Fall in attendance, declining interest from firms cited

    The annual Comdex computer exhibition in Las Vegas, once one of the nation's biggest trade shows, has been canceled for 2004, the victim of declining attendance and waning interest from major computer firms.

    ''While we could still run a profitable Comdex, we didn't think it benefited the industry to do so without the support of leading vendors," said Eric Faurot, vice president of MediaLive International, the company that ran Comdex.

    But Faurot said he's committed to reviving the show. MediaLive International has set up a committee of representatives from major computer firms, including EMC Corp. of Hopkinton. The committee will advise MediaLive on how to redesign Comdex so that industry-leading companies will once again want to attend.

    Despite the cancellation of the Las Vegas Comdex, the smaller international Comdex shows, held in Brazil, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Sweden, will go on.

    Comdex was born in 1979, in the early days of personal computing. At its height during the late 1990s, Comdex drew over 200,000 people to Las Vegas each November, and occupied over a million square feet of exhibition space.

    But the show fell on hard times at the turn of the century. The tech industry slump that began in 2000 was compounded by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, which scared away many international visitors.

    Last year, about 45,000 visitors and 500 companies showed up.

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