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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Porkaysi, Sep 22, 2012.

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    to start off i am biased towards android, A huge supporter of samsung and i dont like what apple is doing with patents. that being said i LOVE mobile tech and gave the Iphone 5 a shot.

    got an iphone 5 on launch day, coming from a HTC one x unlocked running team venom rom 1.23 with black out kernel. i can compare screens because my htc one x screen is cracked (getting it fixed) but they are both awesome, when i get it fixed i can compare them side by side. iphone is now long enough but still to narrow (should of been 4.3 inch) but i can live with the size. I get bored with phones quickly and in the past year have moved between 4 different phones. my ios past has been a 3g, 3gs, and iphone 4 (for a very short period) and i left it for android simple fact that IOS bored me. to this day it still looks the same as it did 5 years ago, seriously apple not revamping the UI blows my mind.

    now that i have had break from ios for nearly 2 years its a nice change up but i feel like in a month i will be bored. that being said the iphone 5 hardware wise is better then the htc i feel, the build quality is same but the thinness and the way it looks the 5 looks in black really gets me. i cant knock apple on anything physical about the phone it awesome. I always liked the one x and when ever i handed people the one x they always looked at it up and down, they always seemed impressed, even apple phone owners, so its no slouch. while my htc one x was as fast in a short browser test, maybe lost 2 mobile pages to the 5 by a one-two finish, but thats with a rom and a 2.1 OC (they tied on the other 3 or atleast to close to call). i am sure if we went full website and less mobile websites where IOS has the edge (imo) it may have been different. i feel impressed that the iphone 5 can do this, The S4 krait is a hell of a cpu and has nearly 100% clock on the 5 and can still load pages faster. on the flip side a 5 month old HTC can still perform just as good as apple's brand new phone. camera iphone wins once again its not a blow out but iphone is takes higher quality photos. in low light the htc is better photos are always brighter and the HTC has burst mode which i liked a lot. Battery life with the iphone 5 is better lasted 21 hours from 93% on its first recharge! moderate use and pushing 2 email accounts.

    I liked my htc alot but i will be parting ways with it :( but i will not be leaving android, i plan on getting the note 2 next month and will be possibly switching the two phones out from time to time. my brother is an apple is a fan and possibly because sibling rivalry i hated the iphone more then i should but the 5 is awesome. if i dont sell my htc one x soon i mite be able to post a test between the note 2, one x, and iphone5.
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    You realize you just replied to a post from September 2012 right?
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    Also the original poster has not been back since, and only made two (2) posts total ;)
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    The the one below, Grave Digger.

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