Compatible External DVDR Drive with iDVD?


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Sep 17, 2001
Is there a compatible external dvdr drive that iDVD can use to make dvds. What is the model number too.

How can I get a hold the iDVD program from apple.. Cost anything?



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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
Listen Up!

I talked to a representative at the Apple Store, and they told me that iDVD is only available if you got a SuperDrive PowerMac.

I knew they were wrong, so I talked to him a little more, and he said if you buy the Pioneer A-103 Drive, you must install iDVD. iDVD is available off ircle, or carracho. He had it on his powerbook, so he gave it to me there.

I was told that iDVD was STANDARD on all systems, but it is totally hidden if you do not have that drive.

I am sure there are hacks out to bring up iDVD with an external drive, or there is some way to do it. ;)


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
Wonder if this would help

I have a file called "iDVD2NoSuperDrivePatch" I dont know what it does but I know its a classic app. We can talk about it via email if you want.