Completely Useless Concepts

Discussion in 'Community' started by G4scott, Feb 18, 2003.

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    Jan 9, 2002
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    check out this article from the

    It's funny how people say that Macs aren't innovative compared to "concept pee-cee's". Although this is an improvement from past concept pee-cee's, which only featured weird designs and cases, it's still not much of a 'concept'.

    If I want to check my mail, I'll open my iBook, and open up, and check my mail. If my iBook had a screen on the outside, I'd see I have mail, try to check it outside, and find that i'd be better off looking it with the mail program in the computer, so I'd inevitably end up opening the computer, completely defeating the purpose of this feature... Come on guys, is this all that the pee-cee world can come up with? It's bad enough that you have to use the worst designed operating system in the world, but now with badly designed hardware, there seems to be no end...

    Concept PC's are a niche market. Few need them, and fewer even buy them. Besides, the majority of people can get by with peripherals and software that do what these computers do.

    Another thing about concept pee-cee's that I've noticed, is that I've never seen any of them put on the market. I guess they make an appearance, and then go on to die. Kinda like concept cars- you see them, and they look cool, and they have some weird features that you could hardly imagine using, but you never see them on the road. That's what's cool about Apple. They are putting out hot new designs and technology now while the rest of the pee-cee world says "our concept pee-cee can do that too..." It's truly hilarious. Yet another reason to own a Mac.

    Keep it up Intel... Maybe next year, you'll have something that finally catches up with the 20th Anniversary Mac...
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    Feb 2, 2002
    this is pretty pointless. reminds me of cell phones with caller-ID on the outside, too. maybe a few people find it convenient but a lot could live without it, especially if it would make the thing thinner...

    all this is going to do:
    -add parts to fail
    -add expense to the laptop
    -make it thicker (could you imagine trying to fit two back-to-back LCDs in the tibook screens?)

    complicated... blah... another example of why the mac is superior-- there's none of this crap to worry about...

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    Aug 4, 2002
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    oh wow, I never thought I'd see the really, it never came to mind.
    that's pretty silly and a waste of time to design.
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    I disagree. W/my old flip phone I'd have to open everytime someone called (not a big deal but annoying). W/my new flip phone (which has a display on the outside) I just glance at who's calling and either take it or ignore it and silence the ringer (or stop the vibration in my case). I don't even have to take it off my belt. :) Much better than having to unbelt and flip open the phone just to see who is calling me.


  5. charboneau macrumors member

    Dec 3, 2002
    Do you think Jobs is calling up Ives and screaming, "I can't believe you didn't think of this first!"
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