"Compress" option in Finder .. Do you lose any quality?


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Jul 11, 2014
Hello. I'm just wondering about the "Compress" option when you right-click anything in the "Finder".. I know that it makes a (.zip) file of whatever you select..

Does this compression cause any reduction in quality? I have a TON of (.wav) and (.mp3) libraries that I would like to compress for storage purposes, but it is extremely important that there will be no loss in sound quality or file integrity..



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Jan 23, 2010
San Diego, CA USA
Yes, zip file compression is lossless. But it may not do a lot of good. WAV files are compressible. But mp3 and video are usually not very compressible with zip. If you have a lot of mp3 and video files, you aren't likely to save much disk space.
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