Confessions of a Republican

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    A TV political ad from more than fifty years ago touches on some themes that are eerily familiar today:

    The guy in the ad wasn't killed by nuclear war. He probably was killed, sadly, by the cigarette he lights up at around the 3-minute mark.

    Edit: I guess he wasn't killed by the cigarette after all. Thanks NT!
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    ...He starred in a new version of the ad just a few weeks ago. Maddow did a whole 15 minute segment on it.

    To be fair, I don't recall if he discussed whether he still smokes or not. :p
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    It's a political ad. Meant to persuade an audience to buy in. It worked on some, it didn't on others.
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    Wow. That brings back old memories. Really interesting. I vaguely remember some ads like that, but, 4:20? Who has that kind of attention span these days? At least not for watching an ad. My tolerance for ads is about 0.2 seconds.

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