MP 7,1 Configuring the Promise Pegasus J2i's disk(s) prior to receiving our MP7,1


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Oct 20, 2007
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Subject: Configuring the Promise Pegasus J2i's disk(s) prior to receiving our MP7,1

We have already received our J2i with its included 8TB HDD and have purchased a 16TB as a 2nd HDD for the J2i. Our MP7,1 will arrive early in Feb after Feb 7th at this time.

I've been creating a list of setup tasks to be done once we receive the MP7,1, and it occurred to me I can configure the 2x HDDs in the J2i ahead of time using a Voyager S3 2.5" & 3.5" SATA Drive dock that we have on hand by hooking it up to my MBP13,3.

I popped the 8TB Toshiba HDD that came with the J2i into the Voyager, connected it to my MBP and fired up Disk Utility. It was immediately clear that Promise had already formatted this HDD as HFS+ and had two items already installed. One was the Serial number of the J2i and the other a small App for registering the J2i with Promise. I went ahead and registered the J2i. 👍 This 8TB is to be used for bulk-data. While I had it mounted on my MBP, I transferred various utilities I had on my MBP that I will be needing during my initial MP7,1 setup and this will mean I don't have to mess with transferring them from MBP to MP7,1 when the MP7,1 arrives.

Now to format the 16TB which was again straight forward except it had to be initialized first and for our purposes, split into 3 partitions; 1) HFS+ 8TB, 2) HFS+ 4TB and 3) HFS+ 4TB. The 8TB partition is for periodically backing up the Toshiba 8TB HDD. the 2nd 4TB partition to be used for periodically backing up our Sonnet/Samsung PCIe card configured as 4x 1TB SSD/Flash RAID-0, and the third 4TB partition is for Time Machine backups.

Now that this is done, there will be less setup work to be done when we receive our MP7,1. :)👍
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Jul 16, 2013
I love that you still own and utilize a Voyager. I have one sitting right next to my '13MP which I use to format and erase old drives.
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