Connecting My mac to my pc


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Feb 25, 2002
Hello eveyone
I need some help here, if you would please.

I have a Ti 667 powerbook, and i want to connect it via a cross-over cable to my gateway desktop.

I believe i need a cross-over ethernet cable (is that true?) i'm new to this entire mac thing, but so far so good.

What i need is a list of materials i will need to connect them and what i need to do on both computers. On the gateway computer i am running windows ME and the newest update to OS X on my mac.

Please help me.

Thanks to all those who post in reply to this


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Jan 28, 2002
Northern California
you are correct - you neede a cross over ethernet cable
Once connected, if you set a drive opn the win machine to be shared, then the mac/osx can see the drive by going to the finder GO menu and select Connect to Server.
then enter:

I believe if yu want windows to see the mac then you must run win2K and add the Apple talk protocol.


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Nov 3, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
Are you sure you need a crossover cable? I thought one of the 'big deals' about the PB G4 was that you could use any ethernet cable.. I know I can use either sort of cable (cross over or straight) between my PB and my G4 towers.. and I don't think it's the towers that have the nifty bit... I will try later with one of my PC's, but I am pretty sure any ethernet cable will work with the PB's


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Jul 9, 2001
You don't need a crossover

There's a guy who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, Henry Knorr. There is a Mac Q&A that he posts the first Thursday of every month. Ususally it's really basic stuff, but occasionally there is a bit more information. Coincidentally, last Thursday he mentioned just this case. Here's a quote:


OMISSION OF THE MONTH: Last month, in discussing ways to transfer files between two Macs, I said that file-sharing via Ethernet required either a hub or a special type of Ethernet cable called a crossover cable.

As several readers pointed out, I overlooked a feature in some recent Macs that makes it possible to connect two machines directly with a standard Ethernet cable (a.k.a. a "patch" cable). These Macs automatically sense a direct computer-to-computer connection (even if the other machine is a PC) and modify the signals they transmit accordingly, in effect emulating a crossover cable.

The list of Macs that have this nifty feature includes the PowerBook G4, the white iBooks and Power Mac G4s beginning with the "Gigabit Ethernet" models introduced in July 2000. As long as at least one of the machines you're connecting is on this list, any old Ethernet cable should do the trick.

Previous Power Macs (including early G4 models such as the "PCI Graphics" and original "AGP Graphics" versions) didn't have this feature. Nor do any iMacs, including the brand-new flat-screen version.

My apologies if anyone invested unnecessarily in a crossover cable on my advice. My only excuse: Apple's Knowledge Base articles on Ethernet file sharing don't mention the new autosensing feature, either.


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