Consumers will demand comprehensive support services as home...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 20, 2008.

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    Other than with respect to issues of legitimate hardware failure, or the ignorant stupidity of much of the general public with respect to technology, I really see Apple poised in a far superior position to offer products people will find desirable to buy, and find desirable to keep.

    Time will tell; it always does.
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    So from my skim reading its basically saying we need more of the online helpers, great windows has had that for years and I think I've used it once :rolleyes:. What happens if the user can't access the online help?
    I'd just like to see something that you can plug into a port and it diagnoses the issue for you (like on cars), you then contact 'support' for fix, replacement or whatever, would be even better if it worked on ALL devices.
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    re: Apple's position

    I agree that Apple is in a superior position to make high-tech "easier" for the average customer.

    The problem is, though, they partially succeed in this because you're working with a more limited product line when you choose Apple. By FAR, the biggest reason customers of mine won't make the switch to Mac is due to their investment in Windows-only software titles. (Just because you can boot into Windows on a newer Mac doesn't mean they're "sold" on the idea of migrating to a Mac environment. Apple doesn't even sell Macs pre-loaded with XP or Vista in the dual-boot configuration - making the proposition of installing it overwhelming for many people.)

    Besides, as soon as you run Windows on your Mac, the benefits of using a Mac in the first place are diminished. You have all the risk of spyware and virus attacks that all the other Windows users have. You have the buggy software and constant stream of updates that often break other things. You've got the relative user un-friendliness at times.

    So IMHO, Apple needs to strive to work harder with developers to make native OS X versions of software. If they could honestly say there's a "Mac version available" for just about all the major programs people want to use, then they'd really have something. (Autodesk, for example, has NOTHING for the Mac. Nothing!)

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    I think it is out of general ignorance that people don't switch. They've (we've) been taught that macs are not compatible with PCs so there is no way the software works.. I had this conversation just last night with a friend wanting to buy an Imac but concerned about the so-called compatibility issues.

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