Contacted by buyer of my lost iPhone 4S

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    A couple of months ago, while on holiday, I lost my iPhone 4S (iOS 7). I remote locked it through iCloud when I realized that it was gone (about 2 hours after losing it) and after four weeks without any notice of it, I remote wiped it.

    Fast forward two weeks later: earlier this evening, I got a call from a gentleman who claims that he bought the iPhone in good faith over a Facebook page (similar to Craigslist). After trying to set it up, realized that it was activation locked and so he called the number I had left through iCloud.

    Since it was a bit late in the evening, I proposed to call him back tomorrow. Here's what I'll propose to do:

    - Since I can't be sure about his story, although I assume good faith, I'll ask him to contact the seller and get his money back. As the phone was lost and not returned by the finder, it is now technically stolen (although not yet reported to the local police).

    - I don't necessarily want the seller (whoever they may be, e.g. finder/thief/also a hapless victim) to get in trouble with the police, so I'll give them a fair chance to reimburse the buyer in full and mend their ways.

    - I'll ask the buyer to send the phone back to me by mail and will happily reimburse his postal costs upon receipt (and on the basis of a receipt).

    Does that sound like a viable course of action? Thank you for any possible tips!
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    Sounds pretty fair, but who knows how that'll work out.

    Personally, I'd try to find out who the seller/thief was and report him. But that's just me.
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    What did the guy pay for your phone. He may be the guy that took it and wants you to pay him for his so called lose. It would be a win win for him. :confused:

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