Contacts in iCloud Stranded?

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    I use google for gmail, contacts and calendar. I have these accounts syncing with Mail, iCal and Address Book on my Mac, iPad, iPod etc. It's been working great. I use iCloud for Mail (.me account, not gmail obviously), bookmarks (to get to iPad), Photo stream, Documents and Find my Mac.

    I have Contacts and Cal turned off as far as iCloud goes. I use an Android phone, and not an iPhone. Don't want to switch. I like my Android phone.

    I do use an iPad but sync with google . . .

    Somehow, Cal and contacts got turned on. Don't know how, may an update. I noticed because I updated a Address Book entry on my Mac, and it did not propagate to gmail contacts.

    So I turned iCloud Contacts and Cal off. Re-setup my google account with the Address Book again. All working now that way I want it to.

    So now I had these contacts "stranded" in iCloud not syncing any anything. I wonder if I should delete them in case sometime in the future I want to turn it on again? Or leave them?

    What's the best thing to do?
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    Personally, I would keep them on iCloud.

    Maybe taking it a step further... why not turn on contact syncing with iCloud? I realize you don't have an iPhone, but let's say something happened to your Google account and you lost your contacts?

    You could use iCloud as a backup. Just turn on contact syncing for both iCloud and Google.

    Just a thought anyway.
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    Dec 31, 2009
    I read somewhere that it was not a good idea to sync to iCloud and Google at the same time . . . I'll go see if I can find that again.

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