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    Hi guys how so I make my contact list only show people with cell numbers only ? Don't know why I have a whole bunch of people with just emails and Facebook links. Turned it off and only have iCloud contacts showing but still just want people who have a cell entered to show up . There was an option to do this on android . Also I need to know if one can replace stock apps ? I just want gmail not the native mail app that comes with iOS
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    Unless you want to manually make a Contact Group that has only those numbers then you can't do exactly what you're asking.

    2 ideas:

    1) Use the phone's 'Favorites' page to build a list of your most-called people


    2) Get Dialvetica. It works like spotlight for phone numbers. You type 2 or 3 letters from someone's name (either initials or just the first 3) and it starts to list the names it comes up with. Based on your questions I'm guessing you'll like Dialvetica.

    As for stock apps you don't want, make a 'junk folder' on a far-right home screen. Every iPhone user has one.

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