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Jun 24, 2008
Let me first say I'm sorry in advance if anyone has posted this before. I wasn't quite sure how to word it succinctly enough so that a search would be very effective. Forgive me also. I couldn't decide between iPhone and iTunes in terms of where to post this. If there was an area named "Apple's c*ntyness" I would have posted it there. But perhaps I am overreacting.

Why the hell can't my iTunes purchase account, that I use on my iphone and iTunes, autmoatically remember/know on Apple's side that I bought content? Why do I have to sync the phone for purchases to transfer? Am I purchasing from two different places? What is the difference between purchasing from iTunes and the iOS Appstore? And if there is a difference why the hell can't Apple resolve the purchases on their side? This always sounded odd to me in the past but it was never annoying until now.

My phone has been giving me audio issues when un-pausing with the headset remote, and I decided to restore it from backup to see if that resolved the issue.

When I went to do it I got a message saying there were purchases on the phone that needed to sync with iTunes and that if I didn't do that I'd have to buy them again.

Excuse me?!

Its the same account right? I have the same username and password when I buy things from iTunes and iPhone, so it is one account right? If that is the case why the hell can't Apple sync that **** on the back end? Why do I have to sync that between the two on my end? Are you saying that Amazon can figure out how to let me buy **** from their app, and on the computer but Apple can't?

Please tell me there is a good explanation here because this is pretty baffling to me how a multi-billion dollar company can't figure out how to resolve that someone purchasing content from two different devices with the same account, that work on the same item, and force the user to tell the two devices that they have purchased said content.

Thanks for reading my rant. Any clarification, on the reasoning would be awesome.


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Jul 26, 2011
Whether you do that transfer, or not, you don't have to buy them, again. It is saved in your account.

I usually only get this if I've recently put several new things on my phone or iPad and am syncing very soon after, when the purchases haven't had time to register on my computer, yet.


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Jun 24, 2008
So the message saying that the new purchases will have to be repurchased are not true? Why would Apple place such an ominous message in the system without it being true?

Thank you for replying, by the way.
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Feb 26, 2011
Are you sure the message is saying they will need purchased again?

It should be like this (says nothing about repurchasing):



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Nov 29, 2011
Boston, MA
I am going with what everyone else here has said. Obviously we need more information or understanding what you are confused about. You will never have to rebuy an app. The only (possible) issue is between an iPad and iPhone. There are actually "iPad versions" of apps, usually denoted by "HD" in the title. THat is technically a different version of that app and will need to be purchased as such. However, most apps designed for iPhone and itopuch will work just fine with iPad and not necessarily require the iPad "HD" app.

EDIT: Re-reading your post, it doesn't seem like the issue is with iPad versions at all. Login to the appstore on your phone with apple ID. Tap "updates" and then "purchased". Everything you (ever) purchased should be on that list.


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Oct 18, 2008
Might also be talking about music/video content, till very recently, that could only be downloaded once from itunes, due to licensing.