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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kclark, Mar 29, 2013.

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    I am currently under contract with Sprint thru 9/20/2014 but would like to switch to VZW or ATT. Can I pay the ETF of $260 to get out of the contract and would that unlock my phone so I don't have to get another one. Or is there a term in the industry that says I just want to pay off the phone and I want to stay with Sprint so they unlock the phone for say 2 months and then switch with an unlocked phone.

    I want to switch but I have several lines that are under contract to the tune of about $1260 ETF and it would cost about $1400 to get new phones if I switch. But I would get about $1200 on trade in with VZW and probably the same with ATT.
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    You can pay the ETF and end your contract with sprint, but unlocking a sprint iPhone won't do you any good with another carrier in the US. The hardware is not compatible with At&t or Verizon networks. You'd need to get a new phone.
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    Sprint sucks. Pay the ETF and sell the phones you have.
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    Anyone know where to find an easy chart for data charges on att's site. Can't find anything clearer than mud. Verizon's is definitely easier to see and compare charges. I am looking at the business share everything on Verizon. can't find comparable plan on ATT.

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