Convince me to stick with plans to purchase MBA rev C!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by kokesh, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I just posted a topic in the MBP forum discussing the need (if any) for a SSD in the new 13" MBP because I had been considering a MBA with SSD prior to today's keynote.

    I knew I should wait to see what Rev C looked like before buying an MBA, but I am disappointed that we didn't get 4GB RAM or a larger SSD.

    So now I'm strongly considering a new 13" MBP with 256GB SSD (or maybe 500GB SATA if it isn't too sluggish) with 4GB RAM. I know it's a steal, but on the other hand the MBA price cut is pretty tempting.

    Is anyone else on the fence about which to get? The 13" MBP or MBA? I'm going to college in the fall so portability is a consideration, though either option would be an improvement over my 12" iBook in terms of weight and even thinness.

    I have two major concerns with the MBA rev C.:
    1) The battery. 3 hours (with the MBA) is probably good enough in most cases, as this is roughly what I get currently with my iBook. However, the MBP has a major advantage with its new battery tech.
    2) Hard drive. I know I would not buy a MBA unless it had a SSD in it, but I really don't know if 128GB will be enough for me down the road. It is right now (my HDD space is mostly music and iPhoto video editing for me) but I am thinking that videos from iTunes which I may or may not begin purchasing at some point will eat up space. I would be more comfortable purchasing 250+GB of HDD space in my next computer. I remember in 2004 buying my iBook thinking that 30GB would be plenty. Boy, was I wrong! :D

    The 2GB RAM doesn't bother me a whole lot. I'd much rather have 4GB but hey what are you gonna do. My use of the machine will likely consist of Safari, Adium, Word/Excel, iTunes, and some other random iLife/iWork apps. I use Photoshop occasionally but not intensively. Like I said, I hardly ever do anything with video editing but I think both machines are iMovie-capable. (I wouldn't do any editing more graphics-intensive than iMovie). Also, I don't game.

    Oh, one more thing. I would like to dual-boot with Windows 7. This is another reason the 128GB SSD in the MBA concerns me. Wouldn't I need to devote some space for a Windows partition? I've never used Boot Camp or anything, I've only had experience with VMWare Fusion on an iMac so I don't really know how this kind of stuff works on a Mac. Other than that, I'm assuming from what I've seen in videos online that an MBA or an MBP would both do great with Windows 7.

    Thanks for reading this and thanks for your help.

    edit: I guess I forgot to clarify the title of this thread. Basically, I like the form factor of the MBA a lot better than the UMB/MBP. (The extra-portability of it is a plus but 4.5 lbs. for a 13" MBP is not a dealbreaker for the MBP, either.) The MBA form factor just feels right to me. Also, like some on here have said, everyone and their brother is going to have a UMB. I'd like to be a little different if possible! I just feel like I'd be leaving a lot on the table, so to speak, if I were to get the MBA rev C since the MBP is so enticing now. The look and feel of the MBA seem right to me, but the specs of the MBP seem more future-friendly for me.
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    Feb 25, 2009
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    Honesty for your needs I think the little MBP would be more practical. You'll already probably be carrying around quite a bit of weight with books etc, so I don't think the MBA would do you much good.

    Also, like you said the MBP would be a good bit more future proof. The MBA also has a pretty weak hinge that's likely to start coming loose after you've used it for a while.

    However it really depends on how much you like the form factor. I may get the MBA instead of the 13" MBP next year for school. Im not really stressed though either way i'll be happy.
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    I just switched battery life is a big thing for me just sold the air on ebay in a hour, I say go for it :)

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