Cool Open Source Games Headed Our Way

Discussion in 'Games' started by FattyMembrane, Dec 2, 2002.

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    Apr 14, 2002
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    i've been looking at some of the neat open source gaming projects out there and have always wished that they would be ported to the mac (i'd do it myself, but i can't program :( ). however, i've found two very promising titles which are both headed to OS X.

    the Cube Engine is a fps engine and game that is not only open source, but can be used as the basis for your own game without any licence restrictions! it looks pretty nice and has cool features like the ability to edit maps in gameplay and it does not look to resource intensive.
    check it out at

    FreeCraft is a warcraft 2 clone that had a binary build for the 1.17 release, but was kind of buggy. aparently there is someone working on the 1.18 release.
    the homepage for this one is

    you'll have to check the forums of both of these sites for info on the OS X builds. i just wanted to let anyone who did not already know about these in on the action. if you have any other links to free games that will be making their way to osx, let me know.

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