Coolest Mac Firewire pro music recording system

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by gocyrus, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. gocyrus macrumors newbie

    Sep 4, 2001

    The software included with the Mobile I/O will run under Mac OS X.

    Mobile I/O is about the same size as a laptop computer and only one rack unit high, making it right at home in the studio, and the first choice for the field.

    Mobile I/O 2882 provides on-board low-latency signal processing for seamless foldback mixing in tracking.

    Mobile I/O 2882 supports simultaneous input and output of all the major audio standards: analog balanced & unbalanced (Mic, Line & Instrument), S/PDIF, AES, ADAT® Optical & IEEE 1394.

    In addition to 8 line-level outputs, each Mobile I/O 2882 provides an independent stereo headphone mix and output. Analog inputs and outputs are all 24-bit, 96kHz compatible. The Mobile I/O Series provides wordclock input and output allowing transparent professional interfacing of multiple units for larger systems. Mobile I/O is fully modular and interoperable. All units support 400Mbs operation, and overall system support will run up to 128 total channels of 96k audio. Support for up to 256 total channels of 48k audio is also possible. Units may be mixed and matched for optimal I/O and processing configurations.


    Metric Halo Mobile I/O (front)

    Metric Halo Mobile I/O (back)

    You can buy it at for $1495 or $2095 for the DSP model.
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    Oct 5, 2001
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    What's almost pro-Mac post from gocyrus?!? :eek:

    Has Hell frozen over? :D
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    My brothers girlfriend should get that. SHe is a singer, and wants to record her voice and author it. Thanks for the inside on that!

    I wonder, is there anything better?
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    me hate windows

    Jan 18, 2002
    there is something better

    The motu 128 is better. I tinkered with one and Digidesign's ProTools, it is sweet.
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    Sep 4, 2001

    The EZbus is cool too, and works with the Mac with programs like Cubase VST. The EZbus audio interface has a mixing surface which is unique. Since it uses USB, it can only record 4 channels of 24bit/96khz audio or 8 channels or 24/48khz audio.

    The main advantage is that it is more affordable at just $750 at Sweetwater. (I don't work there, but I have bought equipment @ Sweetwater and they know what they are doing.)

    Here is the Mix Magazine review.

    EZbus pic:

    I just checked their web site and they something new coming out called EZ8 optical interface card.
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    Jan 7, 2002
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    nice heads-up

    didn't see that at namm. i do love metric halo's channelstrip-a life saver.

    my only gripe about all of these i/o's are the claims of low-latency. if its your only source for foldback-there is a huge difference between no and low latency. ( except to string players who think downbeats are strictly arbitrary...) i've found i still have to mult off of a digital mixer to get a tight cue mix.

    all the claims of less gear to haul are really only true if:
    A) you don't overdub
    B) no one wants or needs a cue mix
    C) the players like that "elvis sun records" effect in their phones

    but i will check it out when i finally go to a higher sampling rate.
    thanks again for the heads-up.
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    Sep 4, 2001
    The Motu 896 is great too.

    But it doesn't have the DSP chip option, S/PDIF In or Out, is 2U high whereas the Mobile I/O is 1U high, has rackmount edges which can cut you unless you mount it in a rack.

    Also, the software for the Motu 896 runs under Mac OS 9 wheras the Mobile I/O will run under OS X.

    Both are good choices.

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    Dec 29, 2001

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