Corel sells Bryce

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by aafuss1, Jun 24, 2004.

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    Here's the most important bit:

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    No, the most important bit is that they mentioned Mac first, THEN Windows, and they did actually did that twice. :D

    That's no accident, folks, its favourtism.
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    I hope that they do more than change the splash screen to say DAZ. Isn't the current Mac version behind by one?
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    I think Corel stopped development for Mac... I am still unsure if this is a good or bad thing, after all Bryce (along with Poser) is responsible for making thousands of people believe they are true digital artists ;)

    (hey, I used to think that when I was young and got my hands on version 1 many years ago :p )
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    i think corel discountinued corel draw for mac, but not bryce. i do hope they update it. bryce 5 felt like i was using an os9 app.
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    Aug 2, 2002
    Dear Bryce Customers,

    DAZ Productions is pleased to welcome you to the new home for Bryce! We're very excited about the opportunity we have to take the development of this wonderful 3d application to the next level. With your support and active feedback, the next versions of Bryce will capture your imagination and rekindle your creativity like never before.

    DAZ Productions is a quickly growing digital content creation company that was organized in December of 2000. We have a sincere desire to please our customers whenever and however possible. That's why we've become one of the largest and most trafficked website for 3D on the internet. Our staff consists of bright, industrious, fun-loving individuals that have a passion for everything 3D. A quick look at our Employee Bios webpage will confirm this for you immediately. :) (

    DAZ specializes in providing 3D digital content and content delivery solutions for art and animation. Artists who use our product are constantly creating virtual masterpieces. That's what makes Bryce such a perfect fit for our users and DAZ a great fit for you. Bryce is a powerful tool for creating stunning digital art. DAZ offers digital content for as little as $1.99 an item. Merging Bryce with this constantly growing library of 3D figures and character based software will bring the best digital content and 3d tools together and place them in the hands of artists everywhere.

    In 2001, DAZ acquired the Mimic™ voice-analyzation software created by LIPSinc. Within two years, DAZ has released two full versions of this software and is getting ready to release a third. At the same time, DAZ released the DAZ|Studio public beta, a 3D character posing and rendering application available for free to the public. The ability to create innovative, intuitive, and enjoyable software is a challenge DAZ excels at.

    DAZ has reintroduced Bryce 5 for the MAC OS and will continue to follow a dual-platform strategy in future releases as well. DAZ has extensive development plans for Bryce and has already begun work on the next release of Bryce. We currently have a solution in place to bring over 2000 digital assets into Bryce and are working towards a solution fully integrated with our DAZ|Studio 3d software which will be ready early next year. Some of the upgrade features we're considering for the future version of Bryce are:

    Increase content Import/Export capability and ease of use

    Render Engine Optimization

    Multiple Processor Support

    We have begun creating a central online community for Bryce users of all skill levels and are working closely with some long-standing members to ensure that all the best tutorials, galleries, and contests are made available to you. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions and hope that you will contribute to the Bryce Wishlist thread in our online forum (

    Come visit us at and awake to a new world of creativity!


    Dan Farr
    President, DAZ Productions

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