Corrupted Siri with Apple Music


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Mar 29, 2007
I am currently situated in Stockholm Sweden, and have found a bug.
Usually I use Siri to "play BBC radio 1" for example.
But just recently, I have discovered that while Siri understands the request.
it supplements me with an alternative station (related to my location) and not what I asked for.

if I type in the request instead, I get what I ask for.

This is a new bug that has only come to light in recent weeks.
As previously this was never an issue.

But what I find disturbing is that this would appear to deliberate code change for local alternatives.

BBC 1 for example will always supplement it to NRJ radio
BBC 4 will supplement it always to a channel called Viking radio.

So there is appears to be a deliberate attempt to redirect customers to pre designated alternative stations
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