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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by buckuxc, Sep 26, 2004.

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    Aug 28, 2003
    hey all,

    Extremely bad luck. As I was getting my stuff out of my friends car after a trip I put my PB on his trunk with a magazine. I shut the door after getting all of my other belongings and he must have thought that I motioned that I was done because he pulled away with my laptop still sitting on the car. I ran down the street after him, but he didn't see me and he turned the corner. Somehow my PB stayed on the car for about 3 blocks or so, which is where I found it in the street. I have not dropped it once in the 9 months I have owned it...all of those opportunities rolled up into one. I have renter's insurance and a personal effects clause, but I just recently got it. Is declaring this going to seriously impact my monthly insurance cost since I've only had the insurance for a short while? The computer still works (I'm using it right now), but my airport card barely works (this was a problem right before the accident) and the case is busted a bit, the batter cover doesn't stay on, etc.

    Any thoughts?


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    May 11, 2004
    fig tree
    :eek: i guess apple builds 'em tough... :eek:
    i wouldnt think your rates would go up terribly, although im not exactly a legal/insurance expert.
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    Jul 11, 2003
    I doubt it would have much of an impact. Besides, renter insurance is cheap.

    I never understand the mentality of questioning whether or not a claim should be made against ones insurance for fear of the rates going up. Why the hell do you have insurance in the first place.

    On a personal note, I had Geico for auto and homeowners (HO) insurance for years. They informed me that they were no longer writing HO insurance so it forced me to shop. I ended up switching both policies to Travelers. 23 days in, a neighbor's pipe burst and flooded my kitchen and caused massive damage. Adjuster comes, walks around for 10 minutes and I have a check for $11,825 in 2 days; new kitchen (and lots more) in 40 days.

    About 2 months later, some 21 year old kid (with 6 prior accidents) pulls a u-turn and I hit him. My Acura TL was 4 months old, $9,500 in damage. Traveler's paid off with no problem.

    While having those two things happen sucked, it was nice to finally feel the insurance that I had been paying for for years and years finally paid off. My rates have not changed for either policy.
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    The issue is that some insurance companies are now even counting an inquiry about making a claim against you. Too many, and that is up to each company, and you have a rate increase or you get dropped.

    The problem is that too many people use the insurance for modest claims. Claims that they might have been able to cover on their own.

    Am pleased to hear about Travelers. I will have to check them out. Though even with Nationwide (who I have), claims under auto are separate from home claims. And with them, two claims within 3 years can lead to cancelation.

    It should also be noted that cancelations and rate increases for insurance are sometimes protected under your states insurance laws.
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    Sep 10, 2003
    How about something as simple as calling your insurance agent and asking them? They are the only ones who can give you a definite answer in your situation, as they know about your previous claims and your current rating.

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