could this be the news everyone's waiting for ? ( multimedia / suneohair etc )

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by flappo, Jul 29, 2007.

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    "Intel and its OEM partners are preparing new four-socket server machines for release this fall, filling in a big gap in the No. 1 chipmaker's product line, but they might face stiff competition from another Intel offering.

    The new platform, developed under the code-name Caneland, features the first multiprocessor systems featuring the Core 2 architecture. Multiprocessor is defined as more than two processors, and while these systems can conceivably go to 16 or more chips, they tend to max out at four physical processors.

    In a video interview posted on Intel's blog pages, Kirk Skaugen, vice president and general manager of server products at Intel, said Caneland chips have been shipping to OEMs since the second quarter. The first servers with Caneland chips are expected in September.

    Caneland features a new processor and chipset. The processors, code-named Tigerton, are quad-core Xeon CPUs, meaning a four-processor system will have 16 cores. Each chip will max out at 2.93 gigahertz. The new chipset was developed under the code-name Clarkboro."
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    Nah these aren't really for Mac Pro style workstations. I believe the 2.93Ghz chips will come in at over $2,000, making them not a great choice for a company like Apple. However next year Intel plan to do a dual chipset workstation platform, so perhaps Apple may make a move to 16 core systems then. Too little information at this time though.

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