Count On Being Blown Away...


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Sep 18, 2001
Sweet.. just have to say that all the doubters are going to be muted soon... the new banner on is a great word for a hint on what is to come in 6 days now.. ;)

"Count the days. Count the minutes. Count on being blown away."

Wish I could be there



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Sep 18, 2001
G5??? at least!

Digital iPhoto Camera
iPad (portable handheld)
iMac G4 w/ Superdrive
iBook G4 700Mhz
PowerMac G5 up to 1.6Ghz
PowerBook G4 1Ghz+

and whatever else he's been hiding from us....



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Apr 18, 2001
I'm starting to think the whole works will be updated, iMac, iBook, PowerBook, PowerMac.... Just think a G5 PowerBook!



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Jan 2, 2002
I know for a fact that the G5 is not in the near future for apple. So don't get your hopes up for Monday's speech. I know a new system is being released. I don't know specifics but I do know that depending on what screen type you want you might have to wait till February to get it. I have been told the the motherboard configuration on this new machine is yet another unique idea. I am guessing it is a system like the imac but with a G4 and flat screen option. I can't wait to see what comes of the unviling but I know it will be great.


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Jan 3, 2002
I have a question,

Would an iMac that could be custom built with anything Apple offers be revolutionary? I think so!

Imagine if you could build-to-order your own all-in-one powermac-speed iMac with a removable video card, 17 in monitor and a Superdrive. Yeah it would cost over $2,500, but you would get the system you want. But, then it wouldnt be an iMac anymore.


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Dec 19, 2001

Take a look at what Apple has pioneered in the way of Desktops:

(1) All-in-one design
The original Macs were an all in one unit - simple, clean, compact

(2) Consumers demanded choice
Then consumers wanted to choose their display size and resolution, especially designers, so they split them up a la the PC industry (and then they could use PC compatible displays at a lower price)

(3) The i's have it
Then the iMac came along and joined the two at the chassis again.

(4) But wait, I missed one
But does anyone recall the 20th Anniversary Mac? Five years and a day ago, the $10,000 PC had a then industry leading flatscreen with built in speakers and CD-ROM that was connected via a proprietary cable (could Gigawire serve this purpose) to what I will call a 'command module' that housed the CPU, HD, etc.

(5) The next generation
So perhaps the next generation 'iMac' replacement in the product line will be such a device. I believe all components will be housed in one unit, not two like five years ago, but this would be a revolutionary move for the industry. Gateway couldn't make it happen (even with placement on TV shows liek ER), perhaps Apple can.


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Sep 13, 2001
Portland, OR
According to what I've heard, the G5 runs way too hot and is way too power hungry to be put in a laptop yet. It's not as bad as the Pentium 4 or Athlon XP though.

Then again... they're working on a mobile P4, but it's supposed to have pretty crappy battery life and heat problems... they might do a G5 laptop, but I really doubt it.


My Vision

So here's some ideas for new machines from Apple..??

For the iMac replacement:
* Flat Screen / CPU (Kinda a given)
* Caddy for Screen and CPU
* Lift out the CPU and it's iPad
* iPad is pen driven
* On the net with AirPort
* Wireless keyboard and Mouse? can still be used with pad
* Battery recharges when in base

For the "LifeStyle" device
* A multifunction A/V component
* Audio HD jukebox
* Video PVR (Think TiVo / Replay)
* AirPort or Faster wireless connection
* Syncs to iTunes
* Transfer iMovies to it (or FinalCut)
* Transfer DVDs to it?
* Programmable from any Mac
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