Crackdown on falsely labeled herbal supplements in NYS

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    I put this thread into PRSI because it's not past any state's attorney general to make political hay while the sun shines on one of its investigations, and we're not known to refrain from saying so in our comments. Be that as it may, the NYS investigation found a bunch of largely mislabeled herbal supplements at four major retailers, with the products either not containing what was claimed, or containing unlisted ingredients / contaminants. By "largely mislabeled" I mean that the findings showed 50-83% of the labeling was false. The attorney general's office sent out cease and desist letters to the retailers.

    New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers

    There also a sidebar which confusingly starts out with a couple of the same paragraphs as the other piece but then lists the ugly findings in detail What’s in Those Supplements?

    Really you have to wonder what exactly was in the ones where it says like “Echinacea” and the finding was “No echinacea or plant material found.” ?!?! What, green sawdust?

    I suddenly feel vindicated (and lucky) for never having gotten into any of that stuff. It's enough I have to be concerned whether what's in that carrot I'm using in a soup later today is pesticide free, was not grown in sludge containing heavy metals, contains mostly plant genes, etc. etc.
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    Sounds eerily similar to the conditions that led to the 1906 Food and Drug Act, and the creation of the FDA:
    In June 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed into law the Food and Drug Act, also known as the "Wiley Act" after its chief advocate.[1] The Act prohibited, under penalty of seizure of goods, the interstate transport of food which had been "adulterated," with that term referring to the addition of fillers of reduced "quality or strength," coloring to conceal "damage or inferiority," formulation with additives "injurious to health," or the use of "filthy, decomposed, or putrid" substances. The act applied similar penalties to the interstate marketing of "adulterated" drugs, in which the "standard of strength, quality, or purity" of the active ingredient was not either stated clearly on the label or listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia or the National Formulary. The act also banned "misbranding" of food and drugs.[5] The responsibility for examining food and drugs for such "adulteration" or "misbranding" was given to Wiley's USDA Bureau of Chemistry.[1]

    In short, the manufacturers and vendors brought it on themselves.
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    Thank you Saint Orrin :rolleyes:
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    According to Senator whats-his-name from North Carolina, "the market" should take care of all of this.
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    No herbs in herbal supplants? We don't need no stink'n regulations, nor enforcement I'll add. I prefer the time tested standard Buyer Beware...:rolleyes:
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    The real story behind Enzyte was even more disturbing.

    Never mind the fact that the product didn't work - the company made a habit of signing customers up for an "auto ship" program that sent them hundreds of dollars worth of useless product every two months, and then made it all but impossible to cancel or get refunds.

    I have very little patience with "supplements" as a matter of science. Unless one has some sort of medical condition, the best way to get nutrition into your body is by eating a healthy balanced diet made up of actual "food": things like fresh vegetables; fruits; grains; and lean meats and dairy. Our bodies were designed to digest food - not process pills.
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    Nice! This reminds me of my snake oil thread.

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