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Apr 12, 2001

Apple marketing chief Greg Joswiak and software engineering head Craig Federighi will be two of the speakers at The Wall Street Journal's Tech Live event that is set to be held on Tuesday, October 25.


The topic of the session has yet to be announced, but it will be hosted by The Wall Street Journal technology columnist Joanna Stern. Joswiak and Federighi will be speaking from 7:35 p.m. Pacific Time to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Based on the timing of the event, the duo will likely discuss iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, both of which are likely to launch during the week of October 24. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said last week that iPadOS 16 will be released in the final week of October, and macOS Ventura will probably come out alongside it as it is in an advanced stage of beta testing. Apple is also gearing up to debut new Macs and iPads, so it's possible that the Tech Live conference will be timed with new product announcements.

Other speakers at WSJ Tech Live will include Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger, Boston Dynamics CEO Robert Playter, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, and more.

Article Link: Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak to Speak at WSJ Event During Prospective iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura Launch Week
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Jul 21, 2014
Press release on the 24th is best guess then, it's too late for an event next week, and if they were going to release then, we should have GM in the next couple of days. Also pretty much confirms just speed bumps.
I feel the entire WSJ event is going to revolve around M2. Apple announces how great it is and the new products. Intel announces lay offs because of it. LOL
Whatever happened to Intel CEO? They were seemingly confident.



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Jul 27, 2013
Anyone else feel a bit... unexcited about Ventura? I'm not even sure I want to upgrade until the .1 release comes out.

I don't regularly use an iPad anymore so the iPadOS release doesn't really apply, but... I'm just so meh about Ventura.

The only reason I opted into beta testing for Ventura and iPadOS is to get the weather app. I was so tired of dealing with the crappy Weather Channel website whenever I wanted to see weather in detail.
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Sammy in SoCal

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Sep 18, 2021
Apple picked a good safe establishment media company for the event. The Wall Street Journal isn’t exactly cutting edge journalism. They definitely will be getting softballs during the entire interview.

Didn’t Joanna Stern actually go to an island to talk about the dynamic island feature? Yeah, the Apple boys are safe


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Nov 16, 2010
How are they gonna twist the disaster that stage manager still is on ipad after 5 months? And she better ask Craig about what magic suddenly happened for them to support older iPad pros after being so adamant it was m1 ONLY….
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