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I am trying to create a CD with some of my work on it. I am planning to put on two videos, a pdf file and my website on it. I don't mind that it won't autorun, and am planning for a finder window to open when the cd icon is clicked on and that to have the four icons in it. However, to put my website on it, there is a huge messy folder with all the files in it. I would like to have just one file called "My website" (or whatever) so that when that is clicked on the website opens, and all the links are there. Can I hide the other files in the folder somehow?

Is there a way to do this at all?! Any help would be much appreciated. I used Dreamweaver for the site. Also, it doesn't have to run on a PC, only a Mac.

Thanks very much.


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Apr 19, 2005
aw shucks i was hoping for something really cool like "i want to put my dynamic website on a cd" type question since i'd have the answer.

why not just export your website into a folder? "My Website" folder

you could also put your main site into the root of the cd, but put your images in the /Images/ folder, your videos in the /Videos/ folder, etc. just update the links in dreamweaver to actually take this all into account.

dreamweaver allows you to totally organize your data and it'll keep track of it all for you. either you don't know how to do it or you have very little experience with dreamweaver.. wait that's kinda mutually exclusive.. open the site manager in dreamweaver and start putzing around, you'll figure it out.

someone on here MAY be able to help you with the rest of it though... a big fat "index.html" in the root folder of the cd is obvious enough for me, XP will automatically notice that's there and prompt the user to open in a web browser if i'm not mistaken.


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Right, ok. I was hoping that there was a way (like the Manage Sites>Export command that creates a .ste file) to have a single file that is my website. I was intending to keep the videos separate. Thanks for your help anyway.

If anyone knows how to do the above I'd be very grateful for your help.


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Apr 11, 2003
You could build a flash projector file called 'Open Website' or whatever and put it in the main folder. Put your entire site in it's own folder that users shouldn't touch. (Call it something that doesn't invite opening) In the Flash actionscript, put the code to get the URL of the index page on the disk, then the code to quit the flash projector. The effect of this is that double-clicking the projector will launch the flash file for a millisecond, launch the user's browser and open the website, and close the flash file, all in one click.


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Mar 20, 2005
I have a good suggestion (well I think so, anyway :cool: ).

Create a folder on the CD called "data". Put that folder in the corner and put your website folder in there, along with the PDF, etc.

Then, create an alias to them to put in the main part of the CD and change the alias's icon to something nice. This way you would only have 3 alias and then 1 data folder.

I've seen some pro CD's like that, you know.


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Thanks decksnap and ITASOR. They're both really good ideas. I ended up just having to get it done, and did it the 'dumbass' :D way, by making a finder window, and hiding all the random files really far down in it and burning the cd. But I'll definitely use one of your ideas in the future for a more professional look. Thanks again.