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Discussion in 'Games' started by Macnoviz, Sep 3, 2006.

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    I think it might be time for a thread where we can share experiences with installing games using Crossover from codeweavers.

    (---you do not need to read the part below in order to post---)

    I will start with games that worked for me.

    First, there is the no longer supported America's Army S: it really took a while to let everything run. First off, after installing it takes a pretty long time to load. Then, it goes full screen, but there is only a black screen, so you need to cmd-opt-shift-R out of full screen, and work in windowed mode. Then, your mouse is stuck going upward, making it impossible to navigate menus, let alone play. After trying for a long time, I found that you can cmd-tab out of the game, and then you have to resize the window (extend it a bit to the bottom) and then your mouse should work fine. The standard sound settings are too high, so you have to lower them, and the mouse movement is a bit diifferent, but overall, the game is playable. I only tried the single player, so no garantuees that you can connect to severs.

    Second, I am now trying some game demos, they are smaller, do not require CD's to run or install, and come in neatly packaged .exe files.

    So far, I tried Railroad Tycoon 3, which worked right away, and in full screen. Only problem was that the ground textures were flickering and mostly they are jsut beige, which isn't that appealing, but the game is playable.

    Now, the games I tried but didn't work:

    Morrowind: cannot find a DVD drive after installation, may work with no-CD crack

    Port Royale 2: installer won't show, just a white screen

    Battlefield Vietnam: cannot find CD drive for second installation disc

    Windows Live Messenger (okay, not really a game) requires Windows XP

    The Battle for Middle Earth 2: requires Windows XP

    others will follow...
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    Aug 24, 2005
    Have a scroll down the page and you'll find a two page topic for this with other's answers already :)
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    Jun 5, 2006
    You need to configure the bottles to set the installers in a Windows XP enviorment.

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