Crossroad Defenders - An Indie's game.. (Free & Paid app)

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    Experience tower defense action on a whole new level with Crossroad Defenders! Download this epic adventure, use your brawn and brains to defend one kingdom after another from hundreds of marauding barbarians, & build up an army for the ages today!

    ★ Crossroad Defenders brings you the strategic battle fun you deserve! ★

    The problem with most “TD” mobile games is simple - too much arcade and whimsy, and too little outright mentally engaging warfare mayhem. Lets be real, invaders don’t attack with just a few of their buddies, and they don’t do it walking forward in single file!

    Crossroad Defenders makes you the mastermind over defending virtual sieges on a scale fit to call itself a battle. You fight off swarming armies on your own terms, in your own way!

    You’re not limited to defending a single wall here - and you’re free to think as far out of the box as you want to beat down all wandering barbarians coming towards you!

    ★ Crossroad Defenders boasts enough thrills to appease casual gamers and hardcore tower defense enthusiasts alike, so jump into the war room and start plotting defenses now! ★
    For more, click here..[Link to App]
    There's a free version for you to try!
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