CTers waaaay outta control

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    I mean, I cannot imagine it getting more detestable than this:

    A sign at the entrance of a new playground for Sandy Hook victim Grace McDonnell was stolen in Mystic Tuesday. After the sign was taken, police said someone called the McDonnell family and claimed to have taken the sign because the Newtown shooting was a hoax.

    Police said the sign was 50 pounds and was meant as a symbol of peace. It was put in place by the "Where Angels Play Foundation." The organization continues to build playgrounds across the country to honor the victims of the shooting.

    The sign theft comes just days after vandals painted graffiti at a playground in Hartford dedicated to Newtown victim Anna Grace Marquez-Greene.

    "The goodness of people built this and then someone has the audacity to come and steal what is a peace sign, I think it was," said Skip Medbury, of Old Mystic. Lavin said a new sign has been ordered and will be installed soon. Meanwhile neighbors said they still shake their heads at a senseless crime. "You can't stop ignorant people. You never know who they are," Medbury said.

    Each playground is unique to each of the victims they are dedicated to, including Grace's artwork. Lavin told Eyewitness News he hopes the peace sign does someone some good.

    Police said they were searching for the sign's thief. 860-599-4411.

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    Agreed, what they did is sick.

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